Michigan Liberal Sodomizes His Basset Hound

Originally posted on Mystere’s Moonbat Slayer Club

This is the Democratic Poster Boy of the Democrat’s Gold Standard of High Morals:  Michigan Democrat Joseph Hattey.  Hattey just got arrested for having sex with his Basset Hound.  Democrats are celebrating their Gay Pride Month and this happens.  Someone got this dog boinker bailed out.  Hattey works for MSU in the veternary department, so he has access to any mutt he wants.

Hey liberals, bring your flea ridden mutts to MSU for a gold standard flea bath!  Joey will give them the pleasure of a lifetime when he’s done with them!  Ask for the Irl Hudnutt/Dervish Sanders special.

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“WINNING!” As soon as I hear that, Charlie Sheen comes to mind. It’s one of his famous lines. And that’s what we’re facing after the summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un.


Kim Jong-Un’s historic meeting with Donald Trump appears to be a good start. Hopefully, Kim Jong-Un will make good on a promise.

Liberals have been feeling ill after Trump made good on his promises. Let me remind you what Kim Jong-Un did to your emperor whom you bent over for and worshipped.
It looks like Hollywood leading men have castrated themselves and dumped in their Depends.
In the meantime, perhaps Kim Jong-Un is thinking about the mess his pappy left behind.

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Midterm Elections Crucial For California…


This midterm election primary is crucial for the fate of California.  We are staring down a disaster caused by Governor Moonbeam and his cast of idiots in the Assembly and State Senate, passing short sighted laws with serious consequences for businesses and every resident subjected to the costs of these consequences.  With Moonbeam getting termed out of his second stint of liberal failures (the first as youngest governor from 1975-83), 2 of the Democratic party’s worst candidates want to carpetbag their way into Sacramento to continue the damage Baldy Moonbeam inflicts upon us.  The first dumb ape is Baldo’s buttboy Lieutenant Governor Gaffing Gavin Newsom, a worthless do nothing public drunk seen almost daily at his NAPA winery drinking on our swindled tax dollars.  That public drunk from San Francisco wants to grab your guns, allow gang bangers to cross over illegally from Mexico to live among us, and expects us to pay their tab by raising our taxes to a new high.  The second dumb ape is Occupoop LA’s braindead womanizer Antonio Villaraigosa.  He is a Hispanic political carbon copy of Gavin Newsom and Governor Moonbeam:  a bean brain.  If either of these 2 numbnuts become the next Governor, you can bet we’ll be in serious trouble, perhaps forcing another humiliating recall election, such like the one Gray Davis faced while blowing a surplus to bits.
I got a quick response from a blog troll on my previous post, and I chose to post it, just to show what kind of dingbats make up the Democratic party across the nation.  Lester Liberalmann is the typical stinky troll from New York, a garden variety Dingbat, focused on flaming sites.  For now, I’ll end this post with a picture of his ugly mug for all of you readers to laugh at.


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Introducing “Shemp Moonbeam” Josh Newman


mystere's moonbat slayer clubrecall joshua newman 01recall joshua newman 02

This is “Shemp Moonbeam” Josh Newman, California State Senator from the 29th State Senate District of California.  This clown raised the Gasoline Taxes and Car Registration Taxes to an all time high not only in California, but the whole nation.  Newman also took plenty of bribes from special interest groups, angering California residents.  There is a special recall on the June 5th California primary ballot.  Shemp Moonbeam squeals that it’s special interests in Washington trying to unseat him from office.  

Hey Shemp Moonbeam, the voters want you out, you braindead stooge!


Shemp Moonbeam Joshua Newman - Hee Bee Bee Bee 02recall joshua newman 14

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Moonbeam Wants Xavier Becerra To Continue His Failed Policies

Here’s a post from September 2016 about Governor Moonbeam. Now that Moonbeam’s terming out, he wants his pet chihuahua Xavier Becerra to help continue his moonbat hall of shame blunders.

Governor Moonbeam says he wants to build a wall around California to separate it from the rest of the nation if Donald Trump becomes President. Really Governor Moonbeam? What’s the matter? Are you paranoid about your Koo Koo train getting derailed?
Did you make some dirty deals with Hildebeest in exchange for rigging the votes? What have you got to say for yourself, Governor Moonbeam?Oh really, Moonbeam & Gaffing Gavin? Tell us more…
WOW! REALLY NOW, Gaffing Gavin & Moonbeam?
Don’t mind me guys, just carry on!Wow! That’s juicy guys!NOW, NOW Governor Moonbeam…Uh? Governor Moonbeam…UH OH! You’re in trouble now, Governor Moonbeam!


Originally posted on mystere’s moonbat slayer club.

Remember, Xavier Becerra is Moonbeam’s pet chihuahua Attorney General whom he appointed to continue Kountry Klub Kamala Harris’ DO DAMAGE liberal policies. Voting him into office will be the equivalent of putting a whiny liberal mutt in charge of the animal house.

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Introducing Xavier Becerra: California Governor Moonbeam’s Pet Chihuahua

Written by Rattrapper. Originally posted on Mystere’s Moonbat Slayer Club

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A Heads Up To The Gang

Hey all you Cleveland Foxers!  I’m calling out for some serious help.  A vile sleazy blog troll has gone out on a personal attack against me for calling him out, and got several of my WordPress blogs suspended.  The only one left is this site, which he doesn’t know about at the moment, but will probably find it soon enough to strike it down permanently if I don’t get help from you guys.  This troll is a guy named Dervish Sanders, a vile troll who has several hatemongering blogs attacking bloggers he personally hates.  I have become his public enemy #1 because I have the guts to get in his face and knock him down a few notches when he attacks others.  Sanders has made a number of blog enemies, and someone found a backdoor way of spoofing him on WordPress.  Someone saw me delivering a few blows to his bloated ego on my WordPress blog Mystere’s Moonbat Spanker, then started spoofing him in the comments.  Another vile troll who goes by This One on Blogger has been aiding and abetting him by posting vile retorts on my sites.

A number of you have administrative privileges that Polar Bear gave to you when you signed up for this blog.  One big favor you can do is to keep your eyes out for Dervish Sanders and other vile trolls.  My blogs got taken down due to TOS “violations” caused by Dervish Sanders and his thugs.  If Sanders comes by and comments, if you see the comment before I do, please mark it as Spam.  The other troll who attacks me steals others’ names and writes vulgar insults, sometimes publishing sensitive private information as well.  These clowns are bent on getting my privileges with both WordPress and Blogger revoked permanently.  I will not take the abuse from left wing extremists like Dervish Sanders and This One aka Lester aka Liberalmann aka  Lester Liberalmann aka John Burdick lying down.

Rattrapper will be getting an invite to join the Cleveland Foxers Team.  He’s been sticking to Google Blogger after the MyFox sites changed.  If some of my WP sites are still up after the troll attacks, he will be joining the remaining sites.  I might need to start up Mystere’s Moonbat Spanker #2 if WP Permanently removes the site.

Carry on, mates!

Mr. E aka myfoxmystere (wordpress/twitter/instagram)
mystere (mystere’s moonbat slayer club / blogger)

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