Papers Please!

Papers Please.

In Uncategorized on May 5, 2010 at 7:11 pm

BTW – I voted on Tuesday in Ohio and they actually asked for some ID. “Where am I, Arizona?” I asked. “What kind of NAZI are you?!” I voted and then stormed out of there.

I got in my car and sped past a cop and the officer pulled me over. Seemed like a great time to report the “racial profiling” going on at the voting poll. As the officer approached me he had the audacity to request my identification. Not just for me but the car. “HEY! DID I DRIVE INTO ARIZONA!” I shouted at him. The officer went for his gun.

 I complied and after receiving my ticket I headed to the beverage store to get some beer. When I came to the checkout the lady behind the counter asked me for some ID.

What is this nation coming to???

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3 Responses to Papers Please!

  1. polarbear20 says:

    YES!! This site worked exactly as I wanted it too!! I think we have ourselves a new home here. And no disappearing posts!!

    I know, isn’t Ohio terrible? Hopefully after we overturn the anti-Hispanic laws in Arizona we will overturn the anti-old white guy laws in Ohio!! 😀

  2. therealgirlscout says:

    Glad to hear that, pb! As my Silver Fox is an old white guy, I want him to have the same rights as all Americans! LOL

  3. mzkatie says:

    Wow, PB! Overturning the anti-old, white guy laws?! I figured you’d want to keep them around to make them suffer for their great-great-grandfathers buying slaves!

    You’re maturing before my eyes 🙂

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