New Jersey’s Jewish Star

I caught an interesting story on the news the other day just before I had left for school. What I saw bothered me quite a bit. In New Jersey, driver under 21 will now be required to have a red tag on the corner of their licence plates. The tag will help law enforcement as well as other drivers identify teenage drivers. I was not entirely happy with this bit of news. When I heard why they are doing this I was fuming. A law was recently passed that says driver under 21 are forbidden from using electronic devices while driving, this includes hands-free, these drivers are also forbidden from having more than 1 teenage passenger in their car. Certainly this sort of law is disgusting, not only is this putting unreasonable restrictions on teenage drivers, it is also putting them on adult driver between the ages of 18-21. Frankly this is just wrong. Of course the use of cell phones can be dangerous while driving, but to specifically exclude drivers of a certain age is simply a form of discrimination. Telling an adult that they are only allowed to have one teenage passenger in their car is unproductive and un-American. We can’t forget about the tags either, so a teenager may be driving a certain car a majority of the time, but then their mom or dad drives it once or twice because they need to for some reason. Does this mean that they too are under the same restrictions. What about the vice versa, does a teenager have to peel off their sticker every time they have to drive someone elses car. It’s shameful, I spoken out against this kind of discrimination before, it needs to be stopped. I can’t I read the exact details of the law, but if they are anything like what the news reported to me, than shame on New Jersey, you sound just like Nazi Germany.

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4 Responses to New Jersey’s Jewish Star

  1. HybridTalk says:

    Ummm, like a seasoned driver or law enforcement can’t tell the vehicle (old dented…) or the methods of driving of the new, younger driver? Don’t need a star, just look for the car filled with kids that jack rabbit starts at every STOP sign and traffic light.

    It is a no brainer.

    • polarbear20 says:

      Beat up cars? I usually call those ppl ‘uninsured motorists’ and try to avoid them.

      See, Mr. Two Faced, you supported the show me your paper laws, but not this one. Maybe if it was under 18 Hispanic kids???

  2. hittosan says:

    If only those things were true. Some young people have old beat-up POS models while others have nice new cars. Same goes for the driving, some drive like assholes others drive just fine. All this applies to older drivers to. Most the asshole driver I see are usual older, I don’t see as many younger asshole driver, but when I do, they are REAL ASSHOLES.

  3. polarbear20 says:

    Really, I think the only way these laws will ever be defeated is when they get to the point they are too ridiculous. Let them give a red sticker for people under 18. Next come up with some different tag for different people. Maybe a yellow plate for Asians, a white one for white people, a black one for black people. Then on top of that have multiple stickers for different ages, religions, genders, sexual orientation, etc. The whole thing is so stupid. Especially when THEY try to say it is the Liberals who want to “divide” and talk about race. But it’s really THEM, the conservatives, who are labeling people.

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