Happy 50th Birthday, Birth Control Pills!!!

That’s right, it was only 50 short years ago that something so common and not thought of was first approved by the FDA.   I’m talking about the birth control pill, one of the most important inventions since rubbers.  😀   And one of the best punches in the face to Sarah and Bristol Palin “Christeny Abstinence” nonsense.   And best of all, we can have sex, and not have to worry about pregnancy.   Of course the morality police whined about it back then, like this quote from the CNN article: Critics warned that The Pill would spawn generations of loose, immoral women; what it spawned was generations of empowered women who are better equipped to make rational choices about their lives.   The loose, immoral part the prudes warned about back then was dead wrong(what’s new), but the empowered part was correct.    For an interesting read, check out this article from CNN.

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5 Responses to Happy 50th Birthday, Birth Control Pills!!!

  1. hacksaw21 says:

    The number of children who have been born to women who were “on the pill” when they conceived is larger than you would imagine.

    The same can be said for condoms, they ocassionally break or fail for a variety of other reasons to include intentional sabotage, so the only true way to guarantee avoidance of unwanted pregnancies, not to mention sexually transmitted diseases, is abstinence. It may not be a popular or widely practiced choice, but it’s the only one that has a 100% success rate.

    • polarbear20 says:

      “Hacksaw21”, I doubt you’re 21. LMAO 😀

      Anyway, you’re added to the Cleveland Foxers author list. Post away here!!

  2. myfoxmystere says:

    I wouldn’t dare trust those things…who knows what they’ll do to you – perhaps poison you or cause cancer? BCPs are just tooooooooo risky! You might end up like the late Michael Jackson…get accused by some girl named Billie Jean? Or if the thing doesn’t work, some angry woman might come after you with a pair of scissors to do a John Wayne Bobbitt surgery?????


  3. Princess says:

    hey mystere, bobbit DESERVED it…………use that thing like it’s a weapon, you SHOULD lose it.
    the HUGE mistake Lorena made was not putting it down the garbage disposal whirrrrrrr bye bye winkie!!!!
    LMAO (i can just sense you guys wincing)

    • hacksaw21 says:

      Do not concur,

      No man deserves that specific kind of cruel mutilation….(except for maybe serial rapists or child molesters)….using your rationale Princess, exactly what does a woman who uses her “femininity” as a weapon deserve?

      What really amused me about that whole situation though, was the outstanding cooperation & remarkable competence displayed in the recovery & “re-attachment” of the severed appendage – I imagine a bunch of guys intensely giving maximum effort in order to protect & save what is sometimes considered a man’s most treasured possession….

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