The First Casualty Of Arizona’s Racist Papers Please Law: RNC 2012

That’s right, even though Arizona’s racist “papers please” law gets so much support out of US conservatives and republicans, the RNC still chose Tampa as the home of the 2012 convention, not Phoenix, which was one of the contenders.   As much as I’m not a fan of the GOP in general, this gives me a little hope.   Perhaps it is not the “mainstream GOP” (which is really hard to find these days) that supports racist legislation like this, but it is only the loudest, lunatic fringe of the right wing.   I’m talking the teabaggers, Palin, etc here.    

Afterall, the threat of the teabaggers, well, ah-he-hem teabagging real Republican candidates at the polls this fall, some former mainstream Republicans such as Arizona’s own John McCain have had to step it up a bit and appeal to the lunatic fringe.   Take his latest campaign commercial.   The man who was once a moderate (I laugh loudly as I type that) Republican now has a commercial where he says “finish building the damn fence.  This out of the man who once opposed the lunacy of  border fences.    Interesting thing about this commercial is he is seen with the sheriff of the county.   WRONG!!   McCain has teabagged the viewers into believing that is the sheriff, it’s not.   The actual sheriff was not seen in the commercial, probably because he opposes a border fence.  And he’s not a fan of the “papers please” law either.   

Whatever the case, it appears as if Arizona is in for a world of hurt after passing their bullshit racist law.    The GOP is just the first to snub the Show Me(your papers) State.   The city of Los Angeles has also approved a boycott of Arizona businesses.   

There’s only one thing I have to say to Arizona, to quote the title of a great song by the band NOFX, “YOU’RE WRONG”!!!

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11 Responses to The First Casualty Of Arizona’s Racist Papers Please Law: RNC 2012

  1. polarbear20 says:

    You’re wrong about virtues of Christianity
    And you’re wrong if you agree with Sean Hannity
    If you think that pride is about nationality, you’re wrong

    You’re wrong when you imprison people turning tricks
    And you’re wrong about trickle down economics
    If you think that punk rock doesn’t mix with politics, you’re wrong

    You’re wrong for hating queers and eating steers
    If you kill for the thrill of the hunt
    You’re wrong ’bout wearing fur and not hating Ann Coulter
    Cause she’s a cunted cunt

    You’re wrong if you celebrate Columbus Day
    And You’re wrong if you think there will be a Judgement Day
    If you’re a charter member of the NRA, you’re wrong

    You’re wrong if you support capital punishment
    And you’re wrong if you don’t question your government
    If you think her reproductive rights are inconsequent, you’re wrong

    You’re wrong fighting Jihad, your blind faith in God
    Your religions are all flawed,
    You’re wrong about drug use, when its not abuse
    I hope you never reproduce

    You’re getting high on the downlow
    A victim of Cointelpro
    You’re wrong and will probably never know

  2. Hacksaw says:

    If the new Arizona immigration law is racist, then so is the federal immigration law as well because they actually mirror each other. Green card holders & other legal immigrants are already required to keep their proof of status on their person, or their “papers” for lack of a better term. Arizona is just instructing their law enforcement officers to verify the immigration status of persons with whom they have a lawful contact for another reason, and only if a reasonable doubt as to whether or not they are here legally exists in the mind of the officer. If some rouge cop or border patrol agent were simply accosting people off the streets and checking them out for no apparent reason, none of the arrests or detentions would stand, and the officer would be punished, and most likely terminated – they could also be sued by anyone who’s civil rights they violated and be forced to pay financial settlements to their victims, and could also go to jail to boot! No law enforcement officer is going to risk all that when the new law is so easy to legally enforce in the first place.

    The fact that the RNC selected Tampa as the site of their next nominating convention in lieu of 3 or 4 other cities, of which Phoenix was one does not mean that the GOP in any way disapproves of what a Republican Governor has done to protect her State, with the consent & approval of the majority of her constituents – to even suggest that is a stretch and you know it.

    Florida is a very nice place to live or visit, and it is a far more attractive option in the summertime than Arizona is, and I’m sure the oppressive heat was one of the many considerations used in making this choice. Florida summers are hot, but they’re nothing like Arizona ones and I’ve lived in both States at one time or another, so I definitely know!

    This convention won’t even occur until the summer of 2012 and if the Arizona law were as unpopular & unconstitution as the uniformed critics who haven’t even bothered to read the law claim that it is, then it would stand to reason that the courts would’ve likely striken it down by then anyway.

  3. hybridtalk1 says:

    I hope McCain gets voted out of office. He is too liberal for me, and needs to go for a number of other reasons.

    I don’t know what played into the RNC’s decision to go to Tampa over Phoenix. Isn’t Phoenix the number one kidnap capital of the world now, thanks to illegal immigrants?

    Wait a year or two for Arizona to do the job the federal government refuses to do. Maybe then the state will have a better chance of attracting the RNC and/or the DNC. Right now it is busy with all the crime from the illegals.

    • Hacksaw says:

      Good point about the kidnappings Hybrid, I’m sure that was also one of the considerations used when picking Tampa over all other contending cities as the site of the 2012 convention.

      I love the fact that Senator John McCain is facing a serious challenge from the right for his squishy liberal tendencies, but I’d rather see him fill that Senate seat than some Democrat (although at times, there has not been much of a difference). I have my doubts as to whether or not J.D. Hayworth could beat a well financed & organized Democrat in Arizona’s general election should he win the GOP primary, but we know that John McCain can, and I think it’s real important that Republicans hold as many seats in the Congress as possible right now.

    • polarbear20 says:

      I hope McCain gets voted out of office. He is too liberal for me, and needs to go for a number of other reasons.

      Mccain, too liberal??

      *rolls on the floor laughing*

      I’ll be back in three hours after I finish laughing.

      Mccain used to pretend to be “moderate”, I even believed him for awhile when he was the “lesser of evils” compared to Jorge Bush. But now I see he’s just a shithead. He’ll say whatever to keep his job. He played the moderate game, now he’s playing the extremist nutcase role by choosing Alaska Barbie as a running mate and becoming “pro-wasting money on a stupid fence”.

      Something stinks and it’s not Johnny boy’s diaper.

      • Hacksaw says:

        “But now I see he’s just a shithead. He’ll say whatever to keep his job.”

        That sounds like someone else we all know, “Benedict Arlen” Specter, who started out as a Democrat, was one for 14 years before he switched to the Republican Party in 1965, stayed there for 44 years but switched back last spring just to save his ass, which is endangered because of his back & forth positions on many different issues.

        “The Sphincter” is only about a day away from seeing his career in the Senate come to an end though, as Pennsylvania’s primary election is tomorrow and his challenger Joe Sestak has erased the deficit he faced to pull into a statistical tie, but retired Admiral Sestak has the upward momentum and Specter is fading, making constant gaffes like calling a group of Democrat supporters “Republicans”, and trying to justify it by reminding the crowd that he had been in the GOP for 44 years which if I were he, campaigning in pursuit of Democrat votes, I would not keep reminding people of my line straddling based on the current political trends..

      • polarbear20 says:

        You know what Hackysack, I agree with you!! I wish there was a post here about Specter, since his political career is gonna be a ghost after that election!! I don’t want him on my team, and I laughed my as off at him on CNN, going around talking to Democratic voters. Yeah right, how long until he switches back again, once the other side becomes “more cool” for him to win an election??

      • Hacksaw says:

        It’s officially over now, Specter got spanked and now vows to support the man who just defeated him, Joe Sestak. Both Democratic candidates were polling behind the Republican nominee Pat Toomey, and the main reason that Specter switched parties last April because he was polling far behind Toomey and knew he would not beat him in the GOP primary.

        1 turncoat down, 1 to go! Florida Governor Charlie Crist will be the next “party switcher” to fall, he was getting creamed in the GOP primary for the U.S. Senate, so now he’s running as an Independent (there’s also a Democrat named Kendrick Meek running, but he’s polling under 20%) but will still lose to Republican nominee Marco Rubio. The only difference is that it’ll now be in November in the general, vice in August in the primary, but the end result will be the same.

  4. HybridTalk says:

    Let’s stop asking illegals and legals for their identification then, to be consistent.
    So when I go to purchase “The Judge” at the local Guns and Ammo store, they don’t ask me for any ID. Sure. Or by asking me for my ID and having me prove who I am are they being racists?

    Google – “The judge pistol”


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