Just when you thought Woody Allen has gone off the deep end, he proves he’s whacked out further than you think!  He now thinks that Roman Polanski should be released from serving time for a rape, and that Barack Obama should be a dictator of the United States Of America!  What kind of America Hater is Woody Allen?  Well Woody, we’ll stick a woody in you for being stupid!


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You can also find me on mystere's moonbat slayer club; I had to go as myfoxmystere since mystere was taken already! I'm on several Fox TV Blog sites as mystere.
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2 Responses to STICK A WOODY IN IT!

  1. Hacksaw says:

    This is a guy who felt comfortable in betraying his then wife, by sleeping with his stepdaughter – that ought to tell you all you need to know about this loser!

  2. dprin339 says:

    hack, it wasn’t stepdaughter, it was adopted daughter. he was, on record her FATHER……………pervert.
    he has become irrelevant over the years………….with good reason.
    he is now just running his flap because he wants some attention.

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