Hi everybody!

Sorry I’ve been out of the loop, work is kicking my butt!  I found this tidbit very interesting…………and of course the main stream media is ignoring it.

(Reuters) – The U.S. Justice Department has dropped a probe of American International Group Inc executives involving the credit default swaps that sent the insurer to the brink of bankruptcy and forced a huge taxpayer bailout, lawyers for the executives said on Saturday.

The investigation had centered on AIG Financial Products, which nearly brought down the giant insurer after writing tens of billions of dollars on insurance-like contracts on complex securities backed by mortgages that turned out to be toxic.

The U.S. government stepped in with a $182 billion bailout to avert a bankruptcy filing by AIG.

The criminal probe had focused on whether Joseph Cassano, who ran the financial products unit, and Andrew Forster, his deputy, knowingly misled investors about the company’s accounting losses on its credit default swaps portfolio.

“Although a 2-year, intense investigation is tough for anyone, the results are wholly appropriate in light of our client’s factual innocence,” F. Joseph Warin and Jim Walden, Cassano’s lawyers, said in a statement.

Forster’s lawyers also confirmed the probe had been dropped.

“We were very pleased but not surprised to hear from the DOJ late yesterday that they were dropping the criminal investigation of our client,” David Brodsky, one of Forster’s lawyers, said in a statement. “In the end, the facts were stronger than the emotions surrounding AIG’s problems.”

The Department of Justice declined to comment. (of course they did)

AIG said in a statement it welcomed the decision’

The Wall Street Journal first reported on Friday that the two-year investigation, one of the highest profile of the various probes stemming from the 2008 financial meltdown, had been dropped.

The FBI and other government agencies had been looking into whether Cassano misled investors with overly optimistic forecasts about the extent of the firm’s exposure to securities backed by risky subprime mortgages.

Investigators were said to have focused on a December 2007 investor presentation at which Cassano played down the market value of losses on the credit default swaps.

Over the course of the next year, AIG took writedowns of more than $40 billion on the swaps and had to put up billions more in collateral to counterparties like Goldman Sachs.

Cassano resigned under pressure in March 2008 as AIG’s financial situation began to weaken.

I would bet that their “witch hunt” resulted in the same old story, the REAL cause of the disaster is THEM and their CRA……………so they quietly back down simply because they want to hide the FACTS from the American people that PAID for this mess…..

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5 Responses to Hi everybody!

  1. HybridTalk says:

    Princess, Nancy Pelosi has suggested you quite your job and allow her to take care of you…

  2. polarbear20 says:

    Blame, blame blame. That’s al conservatives do. Try to blame their mistakes on the liberals. Forget about “Reganomics” and his “piss trickling down on the poor people”, it’s the liberals fault. The 1970s liberals. What next, you’re gonna say Bush’s recession is really Carter’s fault?

    Welcome back Princess, you’re my favorate comedian. Other than comedian Rush Limbag. 😀

  3. myfoxmystere says:


    You just might get a call from Nancy in November…she’s probably going to need a headhunter for a private sector job. Do you know of any good job headhunters?

  4. Princess says:

    interesting PB that this didn’t piss you off more………..you wanted the “fat cats” to PAY PAY PAY for something that your precious LIBS did!!!!
    and hybrid? thanks for the info, but i’m not interesting in ANYTHING pelosi has to offer…….or oblahblah either.

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