Anyone Feel Like Crying?

I started crying when I watched this….



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6 Responses to Anyone Feel Like Crying?

  1. therealgirlscout says:

    This whole situation is so sad. Not only to the workers who lost their lives in the initial explosion, but to the people of all coastal southern states, and inevitably, to ALL Americans. The toll on the waters, land, wildlife and LIVLIHOOD of Americans who make their living by fishing and the tourism industry is DISGUSTING!!!! And BP is trying to put a small bandaid on a large, gaping wound! Pumping garbage and mud into the hole? REALLY? That’s all they’ve got?? did they not have a back-up plan in case a worst-case scenario like this happened?? this whole thing PISSES me off, SO MUCH, I could spit nails!!!!! Some blogger implied that it was okay for this to happen, because we don’t want to buy our oil from someone else. REALLY?? This is all that concerns you? Never mind all the SHIT AND CRAP that will take decades to clean up, the people who will be out of jobs because the fish are poisoned and the tourists aren’t showing up. Never mind the billions of dollars it will cost to fix this. Let’s just be glad we don’t have to buy our oil from another country! ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!

    • polarbear20 says:

      Did you hear what that little turd Rand Paul said? He called Obama “unamerican” for how he’s treating BP. Apparently in Rand Paul’s little libertarian fantasy world big corporations don’t have to be liable for their fuckups.

      Was that someone here who said that? (about not buying oil from other countries)

      Because that is a load of SHIT. There’s only something like 2% of the world’s oil in “US” territory. Even if we drilled up the entire North as well as off shore, we would never come close to the amount of oil we need. Instead of wasting time and money destroying our environment here, we should just keep buying oil from the middle east, who gives a fuck. INstead invest the time and money wasted on offshore drilling and accidents caused by that developing other energy sources and looking at areas where we could convert to natural gas now.

  2. myfoxmystere says:

    This tragedy reminds me of an incident in Southern California that happened decades ago when I was just a 5 year old: The Santa Barbara Oil Spill of 1968. That spill spread several hundred miles along the coast; I remember my dad taking us to Sunset Beach, which is one of the beaches in West Orange County California (at least 100 miles south of Santa Barbara County’s spill) This spill affected all the beaches from the Mexican border to several hundred miles north of Santa Barbara. As the years went by, I saw fewer and fewer sea shells on the beaches, and to this day, I hardly ever see any sea shells on the shores; before the spill, I used to see plenty of different shells from clams to oysters on the beaches. I feel terrible for those folks in the Gulf Coast States who will be affected for years to come.

    One word of comfort though: even though California’s coasts have suffered from the Santa Barbara spill, the fish recovered quickly, have been safe to eat for many decades. Louisiana and the other Gulf States will recover from this, and they’ll be very competitive, once the well pipeline gets repaired.

  3. therealgirlscout says:

    Another FAILED attempt by BP to stop the spewing of oil into our ocean – a giant blob of oil that is now bigger than lake Erie!! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!! (I can hear the fish crying….)
    Now, BP said it might not be fixed until the end of August!!!! THE END OF AUGUST? ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME????????????????????

    • polarbear20 says:

      Never buy gas from BP again. We used to have two Bps around where I live, one closed years ago, the other was a shit hole and closed awhile ago. But if I ever see one, I’m not using it.

      I want to see that fucking company go out of business. Period.

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