In his own words. “FAIL”

February 7th, 2008. This was the sales pitch from Obama in New Orleans at Tulane.

Candidate Obama said; “We can talk about a trust that was broken — the promise that our government will be prepared, will protect us, and will respond in a catastrophe. When President Bush came down to Jackson Square two weeks after the storm, the setting was spectacular and as promises soaring: “We will do what it takes,” he said. “We will take as long as it takes to help citizens rebuild their communities and their lives.” But over two years later, those words have been caught in a tangle of half measures, halfhearted leadership, and red tape.”

Interesting how Mr. Obama was quick to criticize President Bush and to promise he would never make the mistakes Bush made. Yet Mr. Obama and the Obama administration has set new records of failure for not responding in time or with sufficient resources to help with the problem of the day.

Same Obama speech, additional remarks… “It’s time for America to rebuild trust with the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. When I am president, I will start by restoring that most basic trust: That your government will do what it takes to keep you safe. The words “never again” spoken so often in those weeks after Katrina must not fade to a whisper.”

Don’t Mr. Obama’s words condemn him? He promised that with him in charge of our nation there would be no Katrina-like response in the Gulf again. Yet here we are watching Obama point fingers, blame Bush and BP but at the end of the day our little community organizer finds himself impotent to do anything constructive. He is like a mosquito in a storm; caught in his own accusations, and guilty as charged by himself.

Mr. Obama is America’s first Post-American President; incompetent for the world to watch in everything he does, except where he seeks to embolden our enemies and weaken out nation.

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21 Responses to In his own words. “FAIL”

  1. mzkatie says:

    “Now that we are well into the 6th week (Day 43) of the catastrophe in the Gulf, furiously gushing oil continues to destroy one of the world’s most gorgeous and valuable estuaries: it’s lapping up in and around New Orleans and the rest of the Louisiana coast, as well as the coastlines of Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. The destruction to the Gulf region is now reaching—and some say even surpassing—the levels of damage inflicted by Hurricane Katrina.
    “Here’s a question: I wonder when Spike Lee is going to make a film about the oil spill like the one he did about Katrina, with the underlying theme being that New Orleans was abandoned by the essentially racist federal government led by President Bush. I also wonder when we’ll hear from Kanye West, who raged on national television that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”
    “The oil spill is destroying the exact same areas in the Gulf region. Hey, Spike: Does Obama’s lethargic and passionless response to the oil disaster make him a racist? Hey, Kanye: Does Obama’s lack of any kind of coordinated and effective federal response make him a hater of black people? Just asking.”-Monica Crowley

  2. Hacksaw says:

    Dr Crowley is correct, and even worse, it’s not as if absolutely nothing can be done to prevent or at least minimize the damage caused by oil infecting the marshes & washing ashore – a real executive leader (Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal) has been begging the federal government for permission & funds to build to build sand booms along his coast but is currently being gaffed off by President Obama as our feckless “leader” calls for yet another “study” before even considering Governor Jindal’s desperate pleas – could it be that Barry just doesn’t care about people of Indian descent? 😀

    • hybridtalk1 says:

      Maybe Obama can volunteer his enormous EGO to plug the hole until a better solution comes around.

  3. therealgirlscout says:

    I would even accept Obama’s offer to do that, hybrid, if it would STOP THE OIL LEAK!!!!!!
    I suggest instead that we stuff the hole with all the BP Executives. There’s more of them and it would make a tighter fit.

  4. therealgirlscout says:

    A Rep from BP, Randy Prescott, said “Louisiana isn’t the only place that has shrimp”.
    Is he SERIOUS??!! What an idiot! Will he pay to re-locate thousands of fisherman to an area that DOES have shrimp without the marinade of BP oil?? That’s like saying, so what if NAPA Valley is destroyed. They make wine in Ohio, don’t they? SHEESH!

  5. mzkatie says:

    WHAT?! OMG!!! I’d like to see him say that to a shrimp fisherman! I could just smack ignorant people.

    Someone from BP said… worst case scenerio: we could be working to stop the leak until christmas time.
    Something like that. GRRRRR.

  6. Princess says:

    of course, the “one” hasn’t done a dammmed thing………all he wants to do is make stupid speeches & blame BP & Bush.
    the comment about shrimp was insensitive……….i agree. these people have businesses to run, families to support, etc. i agree it was crappy.
    but he does make a point. in my restaurant, NOTHING we cook comes from that region. we have perch, walleye, shrimp, mussels, clams, etc.
    so, there are other places to get this stuff for the “resellers”…..
    but again, what that BP guy said was uncalled for & unnecessary.

    • Hacksaw says:

      Well, he did host a grand party at the White House last night featuring Paul McCartney, Faith Hill, Jerry Seinfeld, Stevie Wonder & the Jonas brothers – just like Slick Willie before him, Barry really feels your pain! 😀

      • polarbear20 says:

        Oh please. Come on. As if the las administration felt anyone’s pain!!

        Did Bush feel your pain when he was cutting cake with John McCane while New Orleans drowned?

        Did Bush feel your pain while he was making people watch this drive on the golf course?

        Did Bush feel your pain while he was chopping wood on his ranch?

        Did Cheney feel your pain while shooting lawyers in the face?

        Did Bush feel your pain while he took more vacation days than Clinton or anyone else?

        You people are absurd. Keep dreaming about winning anything back, all you have are petty, childish remarks like that. Childish remarks don’t win elections!!

      • therealgirlscout says:

        BIG DEAL! EVERY President hosts party in the White House! So what??!!

  7. polarbear20 says:

    Did anybody see the commercial with the BP guy during ABC evening news tonight? It’s so much fun to watch WORTHLESS, USELESS, OVERPAID SUITS squirm and try to save face. Especially after Mr. Sensitivity said a few days back, “I want my life back”.

    • hybridtalk1 says:

      PolarCzar – “Did anybody see the commercial with the BP guy during ABC evening news tonight? “

      Ho-ho-ho. I stopped watching Liberal biased media years ago. Didn’t even think it was still on.

      PolarCzar – “ It’s so much fun to watch WORTHLESS, USELESS, OVERPAID SUITS squirm and try to save face.”

      Oh, who is the anchor for ABC these days? I imagine they all squirm telling the lies they tell and hiding the truth about our Leaders in Washington from the American people. The only way they COULD save face is join the unemployed, like Nancy Pelosi has encouraged them to do.

      PolarCzar – “ Especially after Mr. Sensitivity said a few days back, “I want my life back”.”

      Who? Chris Matthews? Did he get his “tingle” back?

  8. therealgirlscout says:

    hacksaw has an explanation and an excuse for everything, pb. His rhetoric makes everything the conservatives, republicans and military do sound wonderful. It’s just not always TRUE. NO ONE is always right.

    • Hacksaw says:

      That’s not true, the last President did (or did not do) plenty of things that I didn’t agree with, he was not perfect but he was a far sight better than what we currently have. Only in our political system would we give all the keys to the kingdom & nearly unfettered decision making authority to an unqualified charlatan with no prior leadership or management experience based solely on a glorified popularity contest.

      As for my Republican beliefs, I am currently one, but I left the GOP in disgust awhile back but I do strongly believe in the well proven conservative philosophy, and the Republican Party favors it much more so than do Democrats. There are some conservative Democrats & liberal Republicans, but they are often the exception and not the rule. The conservative philosophy has worked very well and produced remarkable results whenever it has been applied by our chief executive (like a record high 52 consecutive months of job growth, as achieved by G.W. Bush & 48 consecutive months by Ronald Reagan – the best that Bill Clinton ever achieved in that category was 33 months, with a GOP controlled Congress and all 3 of those streaks of prosperity were the direct result of tax cuts) which could be why a lot of the European countries that Obama is currently trying to emulate, are now electing or re-electing conservative leaders like in England, France & Germany.

      As for our military, I know that there are definitely some things wrong with it, (often times the wrong people are protected, retained & promoted) but I do believe that in general, it represents the very best kind of people that America has to offer. As for my critiques, I don’t usually post those kind of views in here. I do have those frank discussions with my military friends. I don’t often discuss politics with them though, unless they out of the service like I am. I believe the two should be very separate. While in uniform we must all obey the orders of and respect the office of the Commander in Chief, whether we like or respect him as a person or not, or agree with his political ideology. While I was still in, very few of my coworkers even knew my political leanings, nor did I know or even want to know any of theirs.

  9. therealgirlscout says:

    And another thing……this site is doing the same thing the old site did. I am constantly checking the box to be notified of others comments by e-mail. I am receiving NOTHING!!!!! guess I’ll just have to keep checking in everyone once in a while….

  10. myfoxmystere says:

    About the picture: Was it shot after Obama’s private meeting with Barney Frank, Or is it before he goes into Barney’s office?

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