Working out with Billy Blanks.

About 18 months ago I purchased the Billy Blanks “Boot Camp”. I am not much of a ‘workout in your living room’ kind of guy. I have always liked being outdoors for my exercise unless at the gym. But since I can’t run, and biking in the winter isn’t an option I bought the program.

First session, Boot camp basic training, and one of the exercises had a negative impact on my knee that had the ACL reconstruction. I felt it, and in a moment my knee was swollen and I was done with Mr. Blank.

Three weeks ago we finished replacing the old windows in our home and during the cleaning of a closet after the windows were done I rediscovered Billy!!!

I watched the video again, and identified three exercises that I thought would be hard on my knee, and figured a method to modify the exercise so I could still do it, but not hurt my knee.

The set comes with Billy’s Boot Camp Basics, AB Boot Camp, and then the Ultimate Boot Camp. They are challenging. I am almost able to complete the Boot Camp Basic and am holding out pretty well on the AB Boot Camp. In another week I may progress to the Ultimate Boot Camp. I have viewed it and I know there are four exercises I will need to modify for the knee.

I look great. My wife cannot believe how these couple of weeks has transformed my old body. I am looking better and better in that Speedo.

Also, I noticed when I ride my bike on the alternate mornings that my legs are taking those hills much better. I can accelerate up the hill without dieing anymore (or as much). This is great for me because when I was a runner I had some strong legs. Not so much the last couple of years. But now, thanks to Mr. Blanks and his Boot Camp my legs are in much better condition.

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6 Responses to Working out with Billy Blanks.

  1. therealgirlscout says:

    Everyone will laugh when they hear this, but on days when I just can’t get to the Gym or walk outside, I resort to my old exercise videos like richard Simmons and Jane Fonda!! LOL Those tapes must be 25 or 30 years old but they still get the job done!

    • hybridtalk1 says:

      Before I rediscovered Billy’s Boot Camp workout in my closet I was considering the P90X challenge. I work with a guy and a gal who have the set and they have completed it (gone the 90 days). I asked if they thought I could do all the workouts with the bum knee. The guy said he didn’t think I could. There is a lot of leg work and didn’t think I could hack it if my knee would be an issue. The gal said the program is setup to accommodate different levels of health and she was sure I could finish well.

      I was looking into the pre-P90X program called Power-90. But I think I will let Billy’s Boot Camp work me over for a while. I have committed to at least six weeks. May go a full 90 days (like P90X) just to see what I would look like at the end of such a program. I can see my ab muscles again! They were gone for the last four years.

      My wife has some of the old workouts from the early 80s on DVD. Had the tapes and we repurchased the DVDs from Amazon, used, for like a buck each and she loves them. At our “age” you do what the body allows and you love it.

    • polarbear20 says:

      I love Jane Fonda!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. therealgirlscout says:

    My heel spurs were killing me today, so NO walking. Just me and Richard Simmons, “Dance Your Pants Off!” video! LOL

    • polarbear20 says:

      Oh god, that sounds terrifying. I don’t want Richards Simmons “dancing his pants off”. EEK!

  3. therealgirlscout says:

    LOL!!! I promise he keeps them on!!

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