Black American History.

I’ve been out of public school for 35 years and in my day we didn’t have all the “Black History” month, and “Global warming” month etc. I was wondering if the younger participants here might help me with a question. In February when you celebrated Black History Month did they bring up any of these people:

William Nell

James Armistead (Lafayette)

Jordan Freeman

Lambo (Lambert) Latham

Peter Salem

Prince Whipple

Lemuel Haynes


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2 Responses to Black American History.

  1. mzkatie says:

    William Nell. I think I’ve heard that name before but I’m not sure it was at school.

    Other than that, no. None of them.

  2. hybridtalk1 says:

    That is sad, isn’t it Katie? Those are names of black men who helped found our great nation. I wonder why they leave those names out of schools’ Black History Month? They used to teach about them from coast to coast.

    Check out some of their history here:

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