The storm is coming.

I don’t normally follow this site, but they’ve got a heads-up on a government hit piece to be broadcast repeatedly starting next week on — what else? — MSNBC, the White House propaganda organ.

Have a look at the trailer and some of the script:

Obviously the communists and President Potty-mouth are really scared.  They’re getting increasingly irrational, screaming and yelling and lying continuously to try to smear Americans who advocate constitutional government, the prospect of which scares them beyond measure.  (Remember who the “terrorists” are:  gun owners, home schoolers, people who like Ron Paul [and now Rand Paul], Tea Partiers, people who want constitutional government, people who oppose or criticize Obama, people who oppose ObamaCare, people who oppose abortion, people who really believe the Bible, etc.)

It would be funny, except that with the power they wield, and becoming increasingly desperate, they could create real trouble, like a huge war, economic collapse (they’ve pretty well insured that, already), etc.

I hope this smear job will not work in their favor.  The government media will run with it, but the only people who will believe it are the fools who already believe the good people of this country are evil (we know a couple of those type).  They’re not going to get any converts from this, only revulsion. 

Americans will see even more clearly who these usurpers are, and will resist them even more.  Americans have been pretty low key until now (despite the angry, foaming-at-the-mouth left continuously accusing them of “anger”); things like this may serve to stir up genuine anger against the Party of the potty-mouth.

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6 Responses to The storm is coming.

  1. mzkatie says:

    “They’re getting increasingly irrational…”

    RIGHT?!!! Please look up.. “Congressman Assaults Student on Washington Sidewalk” on YouTube.

    US Representitive Bob Etheridge (D-NC) goes half NUTS all because a college student asks him if he does ‘fully support the Obama agenda.’

    The representitive didn’t like viciously maul the kid or anything, but Bob does reach out and like smack his face for no reason! Bob holds onto the student’s arm & tries to intimidate the student into identifying himself. Irrational is the perfect word.

    • polarbear20 says:

      Oh please!! That kid was a little cunt, I would’ve knocked his ass out if he harassed me on the street like that. Bob was right, he wanted to know who he is. If someone’s sticking a camera in my face and asking me questions, is it wrong if I want to know WHO THE FUCK is trying to interview me and why? Especially if they’re asking loaded questions like that one about “the Obama agenda”.

      I’m growing very tired of these right wing thugs who think they can just harass whoever they want. Hang a noose, break a window, hijack a town hall meeting. And it’s even worse now that obnoxious college assholes like this little preppy dicksucker and the douchebag king James O’Keef. More like James O’Queef.

      I was hoping rightwingism would die out as my generation came into power, sadly I think it’s still gonna be a threat for years to come. 😦

      • mzkatie says:

        Oh please! This student asked him a simple question! Violence is never the answer!

        Mr. Bob E could have easily gave a neutral response or said, “I don’t do interviews with people who don’t identify themselves.” He could have easily ignored them & kept walking. But he didn’t. He acted irrationally & made uncalled for physical contact. & when that idiot finally releases the student, you can hear the RELIEF in the other student’s voice.

        If Rep. Bob E. didn’t do anything wrong, he wouldn’t have issued an apology. I can’t believe you approve of his actions. If a college student asked a Republican representitive if he supported tax cuts for BP under the Bush Administration.. & then that representitive turned around & whomped the kid on the side of the head… you’d be calling for his resignation!

        I’m part of your generation, PB, and I can assure you that the “right” will not die out any time soon. I can only hope that our generation –both left & right sides– can work together to make this country better. It’s people like you, that are too busy name-calling & stereotyping & labeling people, that are only moving us backwards. Let’s move beyond what our parents’ generation is doing in Washington right now. Let’s leave the “acting-like-angry-teenagers” to them!

        “Obnoxious college asshole…”
        PB, please. The same can be said about you. & I’m sure it is.

  2. hybridtalk1 says:

    Regarding “taxation without representation” – Bob Etheridge (D-NC) and many of the D-party are examples of elected officials who no longer “represent” their constituents but they represent Government. “Government for the Government by the Government. That is what they stand for these days and why (IMHO) he reacted the way he did. No one asks THEM questions.

    And sadly, many in the R-party are on that same team. The hope of the Tea Party movement is to reduce number of those in the “Government party”, like Bob Etheridge (D-NC). He is an elitist who thinks he doesn’t have to answer to his people. He isn’t a public servant; the public serves him and his causes. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is of the same mind set as Etheridge.

    A storm is coming where the government party and the media will work to crush those who question their actions and motives.

  3. Princess says:

    so let me get this PB, it’s okay for that demorat to smack a kid simply because he was speaking to him………….but it’s NOT okay for a cop to smack some “girl” who is assaulting HIM.
    tsk tsk tsk……………….again, can you say HYPOCRITE?
    this is wayyyyyyyyyy to funny PB. MOST of you lefties are so ridiculous. LMAO

    • polarbear20 says:

      Is he a cop? He’s not held to “cop standards”. He’s just an average guy like you or me. And if someone is pissing me off like that, they can expect to be hit.

      Yes, I’d have no problem at all smacking a reupblican asshole like that!! 😀 😀

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