Opinions Please

I don’t know how to post the video without a URL, but the link is below.  Please click & watch this video.  I’m curious to know what you think about this Seattle police officer punching an unruly, young woman in the face.



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13 Responses to Opinions Please

  1. therealgirlscout says:

    Sorry, Katie. I tried going to this link, but it’s not showing up on my computer.

    • polarbear20 says:

      Well Girly, some fat white piggie punches a skinny black girl in the face because she “hit” him. It was more like she tapped him. Even if you want to call that resisting arrest or assaulting an officer, punching her was totally uncalled for.

  2. Hacksaw says:

    I’ve seen this video, and on first impressions it looks pretty bad but I will reserve my opinion on the actions of this police officer because I was not there and the tape does not show everything, especially with no audio recording at all.

    It reminds me of the famed videotape of the Rodney King beating, at the time it looked pretty conclusive to me but a jury did see fit acquit those 4 police officers of all charges against them, and I don’t know what evidence was presented in trial to lead them to this conclusion. It’s a similar situation, and if I were a juror when this case is brought into court, then I would be privy to all the facts & evidence involved with it but since I’m not, I will just wait to see how this all plays out.

  3. hybridtalk1 says:

    I am from the generation were we respected law and law enforcement. We were taught that if you chose to break the law, and were caught, you paid the price. No excuses. The law applied to everyone equally. We also knew that police were to be given every respect because they represented the law. An attack on a police officer was attack on all of us and that is why “cop killers” are always put to death. Anyone who would attack a police officer is considered a risk to orderly society.

    Now, I have learned that there are cases where the police are on the side of crime. I have experienced it personally. It is a frightening thing to have those charged to protect citizens actually partner with organized crime. You have no place to go with you request for justice and once marked, you await that incident where the police who are charges to Serve and Protect come for you. That story is for a different time.

    In this video, I understand the police man was charging the one black woman with J-walking and she was putting up a fuss. The officer said she had to comply or he would arrest her and she resisted arrest. [begin video now]. The one black woman resisted and the other black woman assaulted the police officer while he was trying to do his job.

    Now, when the officer slugged the one black woman after she assaulted him, I would say he has a right to subdue the attacker, but he didn’t show much restraint. Those are things that will come out in the trial. He might have tried tazing the women first. Maybe a warning first. Maybe he did warn them but we don’t here that on the tape.

    Anyway, I side with law enforcement until the facts come out. But before the facts are known, I know our president potty-mouth will tell us the cops acted stupidly.

  4. therealgirlscout says:

    I saw this clip on the news this morning. I am torn between 2 thoughts. first thought: This cop openly and blatantly PUNCHED A WOMAN!!! Second thought: this women pushed him first and my reaction would have probably been the same as the cops.
    Unscientific conclusion: We all do things in a fit of anger that we might regret later. I’m sure they both regret their actions.
    Like hybrid and hacksaw said – this is our first impressions. Let’s see what happens as the whole story unfolds.

  5. mzkatie says:

    For some reason, this is not what I picture when I think of Seattle.
    This is exactly what I was thinking when I was watching the video… “Really? Jaywalking?..like what the..? ..Oh my god this bitch right here is ignorant! What is she do–OH MY GOD!! NO HE DID NOT!.. Ohhhh shiiiiiit, he’s about to get his ass beat by all those guys standing around.”

    That girl shouldn’t have pushed him, let alone interfered, because she wasn’t even the one in trouble. He shouldn’t have punched her in the face; there were plenty of other options.

    All I keep thinking is.. if he was worried about his safety because of the crowd before he punched her… I can only imagine how terrified he was of that crowd AFTER he punched her.

    Camera/video phones are such a great invention.

  6. Princess says:

    that “girl” deserved a worse ass beating than we see on the video.
    tell me, who DOES this kind of crap?
    that cop did the right thing…………….he has a RIGHT to defend himself, besides, he was doing his JOB.
    i’ll bet no one would be whining if he also did his JOB & saved a little kid from being hit by a car…………
    again, that “girl” needs ANOTHER ass whoopin……….and another, and another, and another……..so that she’ll think twice before she EVER hits another cop.
    what an IDIOT

    • polarbear20 says:

      Oh yeah, typical right wing “we’ll beat it into you” mentality. Because we all know how well that works. (rolls eyes) He has a right to DEFEND himself, punching a skinny girl in the face goes beyond DEFENSE. That was ASSAULT and ABUSE. His job is to enforce the law and follow the law himself, not assault women. I’ll bet he’s a wife beater too.

      And that video was beyond disgusting. How that ass can defend that. “Oooooh, poor little piggy was afraid”. Damn right he better be afraid, afraid that he’s gonna lose his job if he assaults people. With all those witnesses and recording devices, gone are the days of ‘taking the cop’s word’.

    • polarbear20 says:

      i’ll bet no one would be whining if he also did his JOB & saved a little kid from being hit by a car…………

      Depends. Did he also punch the little kid in the face too?

  7. Princess says:

    That was ASSAULT and ABUSE. it certainly was PB and she was CHARGED with those offenses…………..and she apologized for having done so, publicly.
    how is it you don’t get this? first, hitting a police officer? what the heck is wrong with that “girl”?
    second, ANY girl, ANY where, ANY time hits a person (no matter WHO it is) they should expect to be hit back.
    and of course, your ridiculous last statement is smearing & maligning someone you know NOTHING about.
    of course, i’m sure deep down this is once again all about skin color, rather than character, which this “girl” obviously LACKS in a very serious way. no surprise there

    • polarbear20 says:

      second, ANY girl, ANY where, ANY time hits a person (no matter WHO it is) they should expect to be hit back.

      Are you a moron? So you’re saying it’s OK for men to hit women? Now I might just be a dumb, poor, punk, left wing asshole but one thing I’ve always known in my life is that as a man you NEVER hit a woman. You just don’t do it. And a guy that does is a scumbag that my fist would like to have a conversation with. 😉

      Which last statement, this one:

      gone are the days of ‘taking the cop’s word’.

      Because that’s absolutely true. People usually do take the cop’s side becuase “cops are good”. Especially if the case involves a minority.

  8. Princess says:

    So you’re saying it’s OK for men to hit women? no, i am NOT saying that PB.
    but, i HAVE seen women attack men, viciously……………regardless of provocation.
    funny how your “equal” treatment baloney goes right out the window here.
    if a woman throws the first blow, she should expect to be hit back. it’s that simple.
    and if a woman is throwing the first blow, she’s asking for an ass whooping, no matter who the intended “victim” is. and in some cases, she DESERVES an ass whoopin, like this “girl”…….she’s no vicitim, she’s the PERP.
    just as if some guy threw a punch on YOU PB, you would instinctively HIT back.
    if we are to be “equal” then let’s be “equal” there PB. “don’t BRING nothin, and there won’t BE nothin” LOL

  9. Hacksaw says:

    In general, I am strongly against men striking women but if I were an on duty police officer, Sherriff’s deputy or any other law enforcement or security officer, armed with a loaded handgun on my hip that could potentially be taken from me in a crowd or a fracas, then I would hit anyone that I needed to regardless of age, race, size or gender in order to protect myself and maintain positive control of my firearm, and the situation that I was attempting to quell.

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