Gone Too Soon

Today I’m doing something really, really rare.   I’m giving my usual punk post away to a non-punk artist.   It’s June 25th, just one year ago today, in a few hours the world changed forever when the King of Pop Michael Jackson suddenly passed away.    I still remember the day, and I’ll probably remember it forever.   It’s gonna be the “big event” in my life, much like JFK’s death to the older folks.   I was watching CNN when the breaking news reports came in that Michael Jackson was being taken to the hospital with a heart attack, they said.   So of course I turn to the internet to see what’s going on and at some websites I already see people posting topics “RIP MJ”.   No fucking way!!!   Turns out the source is TMZ, so of course I remember what a crock they usually are.   Sure enough a bit later after an hour or so of inconclusive reports it becomes official: Michael Jackson is dead.   Wow.   One of the biggest names consistently in the news over the past 30 years or so is gone.   And after all that, the speculation and investigation begins.   Questioning the doctor, more news about his upcoming return to performing, that video shot a few days earlier where he’s so healthy and active looking.    Those next few weeks up to the funeral were like the most TV I’ve watched in awhile.   I admit, I became a news junkie.  I wanted to know the latest, even watching unlikely shows like Entertainment Tonight and Nancy Grace.   Plus it was really nice that MTV decided to air MJ music videos for a few days over that weekend, so I sat up at night and in the day watching music videos, on TV.   What a concept!!!!   

And then I got to see a different Michael Jackson.   Not the one who’s been in the media for the past few years.   At least in my lifetime he’s always been the “weird” celebrity in the garbage rags at the supermarket checkouts or else constantly harassed and accused of child molestation.    And despite the juries’ verdicts, the the court of public opinion pretty much decided he was guilty, thus becoming the subject of jokes, attacks and other nastiness.   Which is sad considering what I saw after his death.  Only thing of value Entertainment Tonight ever showed were some ‘home movies’ with Jackson and his kids when they were younger.    No way, there’s no way that man did what those people accused him of.   Which then made me angry how suddenly that bitch on Entertainment Tonight is acting like Michael Jackson is a saint, after they joined in attacking him just a few years back.  Of course, because he’s just a little different and doesn’t live life how others want him to live it.  Boy does that sound familiar.

Know what, I take back what I said earlier.   I said I was giving this post to a non-punk artist.   I was wrong, despite not having the typical attributes of a punk musician or band, in spirit I consider Michael Jackson to indeed be “punk”.    First off musically, the man broke huge grounds in the area of popular music.    Aside from the creative and different things he did to music(think the “Thriller” video) he also shattered race barriers with album sales and even MTV airplay.    Also in the time not too long after the Civil Rights battle in the 1960s a Black man from America rose to the level of “King of ___”, kinda like Elvis.    Plus much like the punk pioneers of the 70s (The Clash, Ramones, Sex Pistols) and pop punk of the 90s and present time (Green Day, Rancid, The Offspring) Jackson changed music.   Brought something new and made it loved by millions.    And outside of music, Jackson could be called a “punk”, depending on your definition of the word.   He was different, looked down on by some and took heat for being different.   Plus he lived how he wanted to.    He didn’t live the way others wanted to and didn’t let the haters put him down.    We all like to talk about living with “no regrets” at some time or other, yet how many of us can really claim that?    I mean, you can say you want to live in an amusement park and have a pet chimp.  Well, MJ actually did it!!    And really, what a goal to attain.  Living your life the way you want, without letting others put you down.

Wow, I’m starting to make a post like hacksaw here, so Imma shut up now and get to the good part, the music part.

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6 Responses to Gone Too Soon

  1. therealgirlscout says:

    Micheal jackson was truly a groundbreaker in 20th century music. I never believed the child molestation accusations. If Micheal was guilty of anything, it was of being too innocent and loving children. People misconstrued his intention, (as many would of a grown man liking to be around children). But I think he was a “Peter Pan”, who never wanted to grow up and only felt comfortable in the company of kids. You can tell what a good father he was by the way his daughter spoke of him at his memorial service. RIP Micheal. Your music will live on….and on and on.

  2. Hacksaw says:

    I agree with girlscout on 1 point, but disagree on the other…

    Michael Jackson was a revolutionary groundbreaker in music, who also excelled in fashion, dancing & high profile celebrity girlfriends. The man just could not be touched by any other musical artist in the 1980’s & 1990’s. Between his time as the lead singer of the Jackson 5 to his dynamic solo career, his music will live on for eternity & he will always be remembered as one of the greatest entertainers this World has ever seen.

    I disagree with the theory that he was simply misunderstood and that there was nothing to those child molestation charges. I do believe that he was deprived of ever having a childhood (he was fronting the Jackson 5 & touring the planet from the time he was 7 years old until his eventual death) and because of that he gravitated to children and did his best to ensure that they had fun, and enjoyed being with him. If the 1993 accusation was the only one, then I would believe the “lying gold-digger” theory but after paying that first family about $20 million to settle, you would think he would’ve learned a valuable lesson and made sure that he could not be taken advantage of like that again, but for him to find himself in the exact same situation 10 years later, leads me to believe that there may have been some credence to the first allegation, as well as the second. He was never actually cleared in 1993, he settled out of court with the family, by basically buying them off.

    Because they simply took the money and went away, I think the parents of that kid who accused Michael Jackson in 1993 are scum whether he did molest their child or not. If Jackson did not molest that boy then they are extortionists, and if he did then they are pimps but they’re sleazy none the less. If it were me and someone had molested my son, no amount of money would make it okay with me. I would eventually see that person in prison, or I would “go vigilante” and kill them myself….and I would probably get away with it! 😀

    • polarbear20 says:

      If it were me and someone had molested my son, no amount of money would make it okay with me. I would eventually see that person in prison, or I would “go vigilante” and kill them myself….and I would probably get away with it!

      Mark your calenders, Hackysack and I 100% agree on something!! 😀

      That’s how I KNOW he wasn’t guilty, there’s no way a parent would be bought off on something like this. Especially if the person who would get away with the crime was a multi-million dollar world famous celebrity who would continue to make more money, isntead of facing punishment for what he did to your child.

      As for “learning his lesson from the 1993 incident”, that didn’t happen probably because there wasn’t any lesson for him to learn, in his mind. Watching the carious specials on tee vee tonight made me think about this some more, like i did last year. I honestly think he was “innocent”, like another one of the kids. The problem is “we”, the regular people, have this ridiculous, over-sexualized idea of “the bed”. Michael Jackson is in bed with some kids, of course if you think of the bed as a sex object and there’s an adult man… But Michael Jackson wasn’t thinking that way.

  3. therealgirlscout says:

    I agree with pb. If you shut up after an alleged child molester molested your kid, then you are just an extortionist! Never believed it for a minute. And the second kid’s family thought they would probably win money in their case also, because of course, Michael Jackson was rich at the time.
    He didn’t “learn his lesson” after the first time because he was a boy in a man’s body and never really grew up.

  4. Princess says:

    there’s no way a parent would be bought off on something like this.
    If you shut up after an alleged child molester molested your kid, then you are just an extortionist!
    you both make valid points there………but there ARE people in this world that would do ANYTHING for a buck…………including endangering their children.

    frankly, i believe that something “inappropriate” occured with this child……….and many others as well. outright molestation? who knows? rape? again, who knows?

    but he WAS inappropriate with thousands of children. there are BOUNDARIES that as an adult one must NEVER cross with children. NEVER.

    but, he DID have a really crappy childhood & his family was messed up. not that that excuses his inappropriate behavior, but it could explain why he didn’t understand or want to understand the BOUNDARIES one MUST respect with regard to children.

    all in all, most of what i think about him is compassion………..no matter how much fame & fortune he had, he was a sad sad (and probably mentally ill) person who probably could have risen to the heights of fame on his own. he had a GOD given talent that would have shown without his “family”. (mostly his father).

    his “weirdness” stems directly to the horrible upbringing he got. but then again, NONE of us have had the perfect upbringing…………..once a person is an ADULT, they have the POWER to change all that.

    sounds pretty flippy floppy huh? LMAO

  5. therealgirlscout says:

    Sure does! LOL!

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