Skate Rock

Since skateboarding is such a popular topic here lately ;), this week’s music is gonna have skating as a common theme.   Starting us off today is SK8 Rock by Against All Authority.   So dump this on your ipod, grab your board and go on outside.   According to the hott new weather girl on 5, it’s gonna be a perfect day: sunny and in the 70s, not too hot. 😀

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One Response to Skate Rock

  1. polarbear20 says:

    Don’t try to understand it
    the most destructive high
    shoots my nerves into the sky
    everybody’s lookin’ for something
    I know just what I need
    I’m addicted to the speed
    – rent a cops try to stop me I
    wanna see you try just want
    to skate or die faster than
    lightning and out of sight like a
    demon in the night – I grab my
    skate and catch some air I’m
    grinding my life away but I
    don’t care ’cause skating for me is more
    than a feeling run for cover I
    hear somebody squealing stupid
    rent-a-pig try to make me stop
    you better back off or I’ll knock
    you off your block I’m a prisoner
    for life a slave to the grind I slide
    into the future and leave my worries

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