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Open Water swim at Headlands

My wife and I had some vacation time this week so we went up to Mentor Headlands Beach to have a relaxing day. The last couple of weeks since my mother-in-law passed away have been difficult and the beach is … Continue reading

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20 Questions

20 Questions about 45 Precious Words By Gayle Beck It’s surprising how often issues in the news relate directly to freedoms guaranteed to us in the U.S. Constitution. So today, we’re looking more closely at the First Amendment to the … Continue reading

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Scam Emails (via mystere’s moonbat spanker)

Now here's a scam email that is circulating around the web:  It is one that reminds me of some nitwit Nigerian email that scams the money and good reputation out of you: Hello How are you doing over there in … Continue reading

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Dingbat Mary Taylor Told Businesses To Leave Ohio

As if Ohio’s gubernatorial candidate from Wall St., John Kasich wasn’t already enough of a dud on his own, now his running mate Mary Taylor really shot off her mouth.   Taylor, who used to be an accountant, admitted that she … Continue reading

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The JournoList Lowlifes – More Liberal Terrorism (via ConservativePunks)

The Battle Bitch Rocks! The following 21 twitter accounts belong to corrupt, unethical and disgraceful Leftists who were members of JournoList. These lowlifes, while posing as objective, fair and credible journalists, knowingly and purposefully slandered John McCain, Sarah Palin and … Continue reading

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The Sound Strike

The federal government is in court this week, trying to block Arizona’s controversial new immigration bill, known as SB1070. Arizona has been hit with several lawsuits and dozens of business boycotts since the law was passed, and musicians have also … Continue reading

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Rage Against The Show Me Your Papers Law

I’ve already loved Rage Against The Machine forever, but now I love them even more.   I really gotta admire Zack de la Rocha and the other musicians who’ve joined the Sound Strike against Arizona’s racist law that’s soon to take … Continue reading

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The family attended a Graduation Party for one of the young folk graduating High School over the weekend. The party was in a park near Bedford, and we shared a Pavilion with a black family who was also having a … Continue reading

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Great Orators Of The Democratic Party

Recently, I got this email, and I thought I’d pass this one along! Great Orators of the Democrat Party “One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – … Continue reading

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Cleveland Leads The Way…In Becoming A Police State

That’s right folks.  The city already famous for the bullshit invasion of privacy known as red light cameras and school zone speed traps takes another page out of Orwell’s 1984 and comes up with yet another entrapment device.   This time … Continue reading

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