Republicans Block Unemployment Bennies Right Before The Fourth

Wow, how patriotic!!   Nothing says “I love America” more than pulling the rug out from under those who are unemployed.  (rolls eyes)    And what’s even worse is a liar, like Dave Camp of Michigan. “Americans are not receiving their unemployment checks because Democrats refuse to pay for these benefits at a time of record federal deficits.” Bull shit.    Even if Obama offered to open his own wallet and pay the unemployment extension himself, the right wing would still find a way to obstruct it.   Because extending unemployment bennies is helping people, and that goes against everything Republicans believe in. 😉

“I challenge you to look people in the eye and tell them that you voted no,” said Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga. “Tell them as they swallow their pride that you don’t care, that you don’t have a heart, that you don’t have any feeling.”

Rep. Lewis is very correct.    What we have here is the undoing of the GOP.   Sure, many GOP candidates are polling ahead right now.  But it’s July 2.    Also, this whole ‘tea bag’ movement has been getting tons of press, naturally people are going to ‘hang around’ something getting attention.   But when it comes down to that moment alone in the voting booth, this whole guise created by the right wing machine will mean nothing.    People are out of jobs.  The economy is fucked after years of right wing destruction.   And now after you lost your job because of right wing corporate asskissing to outsourcers and George Bush’s destruction of the economy in 2008, now this same party in the Senate is putting up not one but three filibusters of your unemployment bennies??   Seriously?   For real?   These people are gonna look you in the eye and say “vote for me” while at the same time they stick a knife in your back and twist it?    Some things never change.  And the right wing’s adoration of big corporations in corporate America and their disdain for the poor and victims of the corporate machine remains the same.    The GOP shot themselves in the foot big time in the midterm of 2006 with their determination to derail the SCHIP bill.    These bourgeois dirtbags fought healthcare for children.  Poor children.   Now they’re launching their attack on the unemployed.  Midterm of 2010: another check in the “L” column for the GOP.  Sorry folks, it just ain’t your year decade.

Story from CBS News

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One Response to Republicans Block Unemployment Bennies Right Before The Fourth

  1. Princess says:

    well of COURSE you seem to be ignoring all the REST of the baloney that was in that bill………all the special “benes” of PORK that don’t BELONG in a bill regarding unemployment.
    just like the war funding bill………..your precious libs LOADED it UP with special “benes” for their pals………….and then whined about it being questioned.
    tell me, what does a “emergency fund” for teacher’s unions have to do with WAR funding?
    LMAO sooooooooo transparent you libs are. and people are FINALLY catching ON to the tricks.
    once again, you reap what you sow……..

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