WAAAAAAHHHH!! The Billionaire Took His Ball To Play In Another Yard

Even though I’ve been “away” for the past week or so, I haven’t totally been out of the loop of current events.   Really, I’m surprised that nobody already wrote about this.  And I’m kinda relieved because this story pisses me off.

I’m sure you all saw what happened on ESPN at about 9:20 Thursday night.   That “traitor” LeBron James “sold out” Cleveland because he decided to sign with a team where he has a chance at a championship.

That bastard!!

I guess you can kinda tell what my take on this issue is.   Even though I’m really disinterested when it comes to pro-sports I have thought about this.   I really do agree with LeBron and I have to laugh at all the people getting upset.   Face it, pro-sports are a business.   Basketball is a job for people like LeBron.  So all this talk about “betraying” Cleveland, all this “stay here for the fans” stuff is laughable because it is a BUSINESS!!!  And the main idea of business is making money and getting ahead.   He spent seven years here and won squat.   Considering how important championships are in this profession it makes sense that someone of his level would want to be somewhere he can win.   He made a hard, yet wise business decision and I hope it works out for him.

Now, as for the fans.  These people make me sick.  There was a dude crying on ABC News the other night!!  Actually in tears calling it the worst day of his life.   People were burning jerseys in the streets.   And I’ll bet LeBron was laughing at the bank over that, since you already put the cash in his pockets and now you’re burning it, moron.   Also, the fact that police departments in two cities had to be involved in this is pathetic.   Yay, ghetto Cleveland has cops guarding a huge billboard(which has been removed now).

See folks, this is why you don’t idolize pro-athletes.   They don’t care about you, they don’t care about anything.   Yet so many kids continue to worship roided up egomaniacs.   Like the comments at one TV station a few people said their kids were crying because LeBron was leaving Cleveland.   The cynical meanie in me kinda enjoyed James departure for the mere fact it will shatter the ones who worship at the altar of King James.   Teach em early that sports is about nothing more than money and winning and not worth the time or attention.

Oh, and the media.  I’m haven’t even began with you yet.   The first station I turned to was 8 at 10pm.   Jesus H. Christ, I thought Bill Martin was gonna go burn a LeBron jersey along with the rest of the FOX8 news team.   They had the word “traitor” worked into the graphics package for coverage of this.   It’s almost as if nothing else happened in the city that night.  Oh wait, other shit did happen.  You just wouldn’t know by watching the news.  They were whining just like that little bitch Dan Gilbert and his tear soaked “I HATE U!!! letter he wrote that night.  Haha, jokes on you Gilby cause now you’re getting a fine!! 😀

So, ummm, cool.  Whatever.  He’s already in Miami, talk is dying down.  Time to move on and forget how people lost their collective shit over a billionaire taking his ball and going to play with someone else.

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8 Responses to WAAAAAAHHHH!! The Billionaire Took His Ball To Play In Another Yard

  1. Hacksaw says:

    What many are not mentioning is the massive amount of money that LeBron James will save by moving to Florida, where there is no State income tax.

    To a multi-millionaire, I’m pretty sure that was one of the major factors that both James & Chris Bosh considered when deciding exactly where to play next.

    In Ohio, LeBron was paying about 6% of his earnings in State income tax alone, and had he gone to New York, it would’ve been closer to 12%….when you consider a $100 million contract, that’s more than $10 million that these athletes get to keep for themselves by moving to the “Sunshine State”, vice giving it to some other State government to spend as they please.

  2. princess says:

    PB, hold on to your shorts now……….i got something really amazing to tell you!


    besides, lebron gave cleveland 7 years………..probably 5 more than he should have (imo).


  3. hybridtalk1 says:

    When asked last week by gathering family members what I thought LeBron was going to do, stay or go, I answered with this: “Two words. Jim Thome”

    Thome played for the Indians and said he wasn’t in the game for the money, he wanted to play for Cleveland because he was loyal to the fans. Then he got the big offer and he was gone. That is how the Sports business goes, and more power to them. Once there was a time that players were slaves to owners. Today they are free to choose where they play.

    LeBron was never going to get a championship in Cleveland. We have the curse. I wish him well.

    Pro Sports can be fun to watch, but you have to keep them in perspective. They are entertainment.

  4. mzkatie says:

    If I were a 25 year old billionaire, I would not be living in Cleveland regardless. Just sayin’.

  5. therealgirlscout says:

    He has a right to take a job wherever he wants, but I know it upset alot of people because he was Cleveland’s “star” athlete. (Let’s face it. The Browns stink and so do the Indians). I Just feel sorry for all the bars, restaurants, vendors, etc. who make a living off all the fans. The number of fans will certainly delcine now that he is gone which will have an impact on local economy.

  6. therealgirlscout says:

    And hacksaw, I don’t think Florida’s lack of state tax had anything to do with his decision. He has been planning with his “buddies” for years to join them for a “Super Team” that can’t lose. Time will tell if their plan worked or not.

  7. myfoxmystere says:

    When Cleveland cools down the Miami Heat, it will be sweet revenge! And I’m sure you guys will root for either the Lakers or Clippers when they go against Miami?

  8. therealgirlscout says:

    Never thought I’d say this, mystere, but ya, probably will!!

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