The JournoList Lowlifes – More Liberal Terrorism (via ConservativePunks)

The Battle Bitch Rocks!

The JournoList Lowlifes - More Liberal Terrorism The following 21 twitter accounts belong to corrupt, unethical and disgraceful Leftists who were members of JournoList. These lowlifes, while posing as objective, fair and credible journalists, knowingly and purposefully slandered John McCain, Sarah Palin and as many Conservative pundits and politicians as they could in order to bolster candidate Obama's popularity. Obviously they are lowly human beings who represent the scum of humanity. Ironica … Read More

via ConservativePunks


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3 Responses to The JournoList Lowlifes – More Liberal Terrorism (via ConservativePunks)

  1. therealgirlscout says:

    “These people knowingly and purposefully slander President Obama on a weekly basis”.
    (I’ve changed McCain and Palin’s name and inserted Obama’s). They are hybridtalk, dprin and hacksaw. So why is it terrible when liberals talk about about McCain and Palin, but not bad when conservatives talk about Obama in this way?

  2. Hacksaw says:

    In order to “slander” President Obama, one would have to say something about him that is not true and I don’t see how any of us have done that….

    All throughout the 2008 Presidential campaign, many people (Hillary Clinton, numerous conservatives, Joe Biden & many others) attempted to warn America of the consequences of electing an inexperienced, America hating radical as our Chief Executive but those warnings were not only ignored, but disputed with accusations of racism against anyone who dared to speak out against this“naked Emperor” and now exactly what we all predicted, is unfortunately coming to fruition.:

    Noone around the globe either respects or fears America anymore, North Korea tested & exploded a nuclear weapon, kidnapped American citizens, fired a missile over our ally Japan and attacked our ally South Korea. Iran has also taken American hostages, brutally crushed it’s citizens who only sought fair elections and will possess nuclear weapons any day now and it’s “President” has openly mocked ours, even challenging him to a debate and the disturbing lack of collective legislative or corporate experience in this entire Administration is on display as they have multiplied our debt & national deficit, fumbled the gulf oil spill, and have been pathetically unable to lower unemployment in any meaningful way.

  3. therealgirlscout says:

    I have a busy life and don’t really have the time to research every deragatory comment ever made about Obama by bloggers. Trust me, you all have said them many times and they are not all true. North Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, blah, blah, blah. No matter who is president, we have problems with other countries. Always have. Always will. No matter WHO is president! I believe we have been having problems since the early 50’s with N. Korea. Is that Obama’s fault? We had trouble with Japan during the 40’s. Is that Obama’s fault. Problems with Iran began back in the 70’s. Once again, not Obama’s fault.
    Many countries have hated us over the centuries. Many presidents sat in office over this time.
    The “tunnel vision” of conservatives amazes me. Everything that has been a problem in this country is a liberal’s fault in your eyes.

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