The Obama manifesto.

Glenn Beck has been good enough to give us access to the Obama political strategy as it was first published by his radical buddies back in the 1960s.


It is the “Weatherman Underground manifesto” by Obama’s friends. Read through it and find today’s news headlines in the document.

For instance, we hear our president Obama and those around him talking about their mission to return the wealth of this nation to those who made it, to those who it belongs to. We see the president apologizing to every nation, and making friends with all out enemies and making enemies of our traditional friends in the world. Read on and see why he does this, according to his world view, the world view of a radical who hates America.
(from the Weatherman manifesto) “So the very first question people in this country must ask in considering the question of revolution is where they stand in relation to the United States as an oppressor nation, and where they stand in relation to the masses of people throughout the world whom US imperialism is oppressing.

“The primary task of revolutionary struggle is to solve this principal contradiction on the side of the people of the world. It is the oppressed peoples of the world who have created the wealth of this empire and it is to them that it belongs; the goal of the revolutionary struggle must be the control and use of this wealth in the interests of
the oppressed peoples of the world. “

And here is their ultimate goal, the over throw of America and the fundamental transformation of our nation to a Socialist state with a dictator.

V. Anti-Imperialist Revolution And The United Front

Since the strategy for defeating imperialism in semi-feudal colonies has two stages, the new democratic stage of a united front to throw out imperialism and then the socialist stage, some people suggest two stages for the US too— one to stop imperialism, the anti-imperialist stage, and another to achieve the dictatorship of the proletariat, the socialist stage.

Go to the link and read it all for yourself.

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6 Responses to The Obama manifesto.

  1. hybridtalk1 says:

    Here is a little more from Obama’s manifesto for America.

    “The goal is the destruction of US imperialism and the achievement of a
    classless world: world communism. Winning state power in the US will
    occur as a result of the military forces of the US overextending
    themselves around the world and being defeated piecemeal; struggle
    within the US will be a vital part of this process, but when the
    revolution triumphs in the US it will have been made by the people of
    the whole world.”

    You can see it happening around us as president Obama enacts these views into policy.

    Also, look at how Obama and the people he suronds himself with see those in law enforcement. Is it any wonder that president Obama refered to police as “acting stupidly”. Now we see why Obama and the people he surrounds himself with oppose enforcing immigration laws and why they came down so hard on AZ law enforcement. They just hate police and law enforcement.

    (from his manifesto)
    ” XI . The RYM And The Pigs

    A major focus in our neighborhood and citywide work is the pigs, because they tie together the various struggles around the State as the enemy, and thus point to the need for a Movement oriented toward power to defeat it .

    The pigs are the capitalist state, and as such define the limits of all political struggles; to the extent that a revolutionary struggle shows signs of success, they come in and mark the point it can’t go beyond.

    In the early stages of struggle, the ruling class lets parents come down on high school kids, or jocks attack college chapters. When the struggle escalates the pigs come in; at Columbia, the left was afraid its struggle would be co-opted to anti-police brutality, cops off campus, and said pigs weren’t the issue. But pigs really are the issue and people will understand this, one way or another. They can have a liberal understanding that pigs are sweaty working-class barbarians who over-react and commit “police brutality” and so shouldn’t be on campus. Or they can understand pigs as the repressive imperialist State doing its job. Our job is not to avoid the issue of the pigs as “diverting” from anti-imperialist struggle, but to emphasize that they are our real enemy if we fight that struggle to win. Even when there is no organized political struggle, the pigs come down on people in everyday life in enforcing capitalist property relations, bourgeois laws and bourgeois morality; they guard stores and factories
    and the rich and enforce credit and rent against the poor. The overwhelming majority of arrests in America are for crimes against property. The pigs will be coming down on the kids we’re working with in the schools, on the streets, around dope; we should focus on them, point them out all the time, like the Panthers do. We should relate the daily oppression by the pig to their role in political repression, and develop a class understanding of political power and armed force among the kids we’re with. “

  2. therealgirlscout says:

    One question. When was this manifesto written?

  3. hybridtalk1 says:

    I believe the date on it is 1969. That doesn’t mean the radicals have given up, or that their plan is unworkable in 2010. Look at the people president Obama has around him and you will see they are all in agreement with the manifesto. From Rev. Jeremiah Wright to Van Jones.

  4. hybridtalk1 says:

    Keep in mind that when they say “The goal is the destruction of US imperialism” they are talking about Capitalism.
    They hate Capitalism. They hate freedom.

  5. therealgirlscout says:

    1969?? Not interested! I did a lot of foolish things that year when I was in college. I am a different person now. I think differently and see things differently.
    If he’s going to kill capitalism then you must be giving him a lot of credit. He’s only got 2 more years to go and I don’t see that happening yet. I surround myself with a lot of friends too. Some are liberals, some are conservatives. None of their ideas change WHO and WHAT I am, or what I THINK or BELIEVE.

  6. therealgirlscout says:

    You REALLY must get over your paranoia of Liberals. It’s eating you up inside. Chill-ax, hybrid!

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