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Anthem of the heart, anthem of the mind.

In the Ayn Rand book titled “Anthem” we encounter a vision of a society where everyone is equal, and the lowest common denominator is the standard set for all the common folk. Equality is the goal, and serving the State … Continue reading

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Ten New Hair Cuts Joe Biden Should Try (via A Charging Elephant)

Now you know how I like to joke around about Joe Biden, but this one takes the cake! Joe Biden is a pretty crazy dude, and we think it's time he got a haircut that reflects that.  Here are some … Continue reading

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Bush, Come Back, Bush

The author discusses why many Americans are looking back with reverence for our Nation’s 43rd President. Bush, Come Back, Bush Why We Suddenly Miss Bush   by Victor Davis Hanson Various polls report that George W. Bush in some states … Continue reading

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Obama new stimulus.

At a Labor Day rally the President announced his plan to rob the American tax payers of even more of their hard earned money to waste on programs already proven to be failures and to pad his election bank account … Continue reading

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