The Obama administration seeks to forbid Evolution.

In a bold move today, President Obama announced opposition against the theory of evolution.

His statements have sent shockwaves through the scientific and educational communities. The foundation of the president’s decision is about fairness. In a subdued press conference the president announced, “It came to our attention that, uh, any system that, um, enables groups deemed as more fit to succeed over those groups or individuals who are less fit is, uh, unfair. I believe that an origin of species that works from the less fit, uh, one that, uh, is allowed to use the wealth of the more fit to bring about fundamental change for the lesser fit species, um, is a better model and one I can support. It is change we can all believe in.”

When asked how he planned to pass a law against Evolution the president seemed to put his faith in Congress. “Look, no one wanted my health care bill and Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid made that happen. I believe they will get this done too.”

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One Response to The Obama administration seeks to forbid Evolution.

  1. girlscout says:

    Wow – that should make all you conservatives happy……

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