Liberals Fire Juan Williams, Stage Hand at Obama Rally, and Other Big Blunders.

Originally published on MyFoxBoston.

This week has been a big fat blunder for left wing extremist liberals.  It seems that they keep setting themselves up for embarassment this past week.Laughing

First, let’s look at Nazi Poop Radio aka NPR and the flap they raised by firing Juan Williams for being honest about how he felt while being around garbed Muslims on a plane.  All Juan was saying is that he worries more when they display their Muslim beliefs over being patriotic or loyal to America.  Those clowns spewed their hatred for truth by firing Williams.  Williams is a liberal in many areas, yet the NPR goons will kick out one of their own, when he dares to be honest!  Well ha ha NPR…Juan got a great deal from Fox News for being honest:  a great paying contract from the private sector!

Now let’s look at blunder #2:  IATSE fires a stage hand for wearing a Bush Hat and Sweatshirt at an 0bama rally!  Now what’s going on?  Are these clowns paranoid, thinking someone conservative is spying on them?  This stage hand has a son who is serving on the USS George H.W. Bush, and he wore that hat and shirt to support his son!  Yes, his son is one of our soldiers, and the libturds apparently hate patriots who dare to wear anything that has the Bush name on it!  The donkeys have just opened themselves up for a discrimination lawsuit!  And to make it worse for the Democrats, it makes them look even more intolerant!  While Democratic liberals preach tolerance, they refuse to practice what they preach!

Oh, and when they wounded themselves earlier with the next thing I must report, the liberals keep blowing themselves up.  Now what’s #3?

Okay, here’s humiliating blunder number 3:  Gubernatorial Candidate Jerry’s Brown’s liberal thug lawyer Gloria Allred brings out a lawsuit against GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman from a housekeeper who allegedly is an illegal from Mexico.  While Allred tries to drop a bombshell in the California gubernatorial race to re-elect a failed past Democrat Governor, she does it at a time which arouses suspicion among many voters.  The case is full of holes, which show that Whitman could not legally fire the worker without risking being sued for illegally firing a worker, and it came at a time when Jerry was losing ground to Meg Whitman.  As the fiasco started playing out, someone in Brown’s camp exploded another political bomb, which is blunder #4.

Blunder Number 4 will be one of the most crude blunders of all time:  someone in Brown’s camp called Meg Whitman a WHORE!  Yes, I will dare print this out!  One of the lowest below the belt blows!  And did Brown sincerely apologize to Whitman for that?  NO HE DIDN’T!  This old bag has no manners, and lets his worker get away with it….the issue has not gone away on the West Coast, and it can backfire against the Liberal candidate.

Blunder #5:  Barney Frank keeps accepting bailout money from the banks he personally screwed up, then tries to hide that fact when Sean Bielat presents the proof in the campaigns.  Yes, your candidate for Congress keeps opening his flapper, and continues on telling bald faced lies to cover his carcass!

And to end this crazy list of blunders, I’ll give you all a 2 for one going on in California and Minnesota:  2 liberal candidates use profanity in their campaigns…another all time low:  In Minnesota, Democratic Congressional Candidate Taryll Clark uses the S-bomb in her attacks against Michelle Bachman, while in California, Democratic State Treasurer Candidate Bill Lockyer uses the same S-bomb in an attempt to paint himself as someone who tries to reach across the aisle, when in reality, he has repeatedly blocked votes, and created a huge mess.   Call this blunder number 6!

Just remember, if you don’t vote, it’s likely you just might not be happy with what comes your way!

Get out and vote!


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8 Responses to Liberals Fire Juan Williams, Stage Hand at Obama Rally, and Other Big Blunders.

  1. Hacksaw says:

    It amazes me that Meg Whitman is trailing Jerry Brown in California…I don’t see how she did anything wrong in that whole “illegal alien nanny” situation, but it seems to have hurt her in the polls.

    Even after that Brown campaign staffer was recorded calling Whitman a “whore” and Moonbeam was quickly “excused” for it by NOW, it makes one wonder exactly what Californians are looking for from their elected officials.

  2. Girlscout says:

    I agree – the illegal nanny thing is blown way out of proportion. But so is everything in every candidate’s past by all of their opponents. It’s nothing but a mudfest anymore. Both parties are guilty. Next week I think I’m going to start voting for Libertarians and Independants.

  3. girlscout says:

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN, everyone…..BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. therealgirlscout says:

    I’ve got my yard all ready for Halloween tomorrow night! Fake cemetery, fog machine, scary music, Tiki torches lining the walkway, orange lights around the porch railings….can you tell I LOVE Halloween?! LOL Oh ya, and LOTSSSSS of candy!

  5. myfoxmystere says:


      • brown and homer

  6. hybridtalk1 says:

    I thought that 50% of those living in California were illegal

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