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UN Official Admits “We Redistribute World’s Wealth By Climate Policy”

United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) leader Ottmar Edenhofer readily admitted to a German news outlet what most of us have known all along – that this whole “man-made climate change” hoax is simply another way for governments … Continue reading

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Well, I Guess I Won’t Be Taking That Trip To California Now

What the hell, California????    You’re in a budget hole, yet you vote against a ballot issue that could have saved your state tons of money??    I thought for sure Proposition 19 would pass, especially in a state like California.    Of … Continue reading

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President’s Socialist Takeover Must Be Stopped

In this Washington Times article from July, the author makes his case against President Obama & his policies, and offers his advice to Republicans should they gain control of the House, which they now have. President’s socialist takeover must be … Continue reading

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We Must Look Out For Illegal Campaign Contributions!

Something has really gotten my attention lately, and I find it quite disturbing.  This is the issue on how political campaigns have been funded.  The big question is this:  how many campaigns are being funded by foreign contributions? One name … Continue reading

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Non-Right to Health Care

(Very good article – HT)   The Liberal’s Guide to the Non-Right to Health Care Fred Snelson I still remember my sense of shock as I sat at my computer, stunned at the images of desolation in Thailand … Continue reading

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Obama after mid-terms.

After President Obama’s policies were repudiated by the American people the president held a news conference. “I don’t think you can blame my policies for the mid-term election losses. After all, that would be like disagreeing with me, and you, … Continue reading

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Did I Do That?

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