Finally, American’s get their say after the tyrants elected back in 2008 forced their extreme Left Wing Socialist agenda on us. They placed their boot on our necks and forced 1.3 Trillion dollars of debt on us and our children so their union buddies could get their full retirements while we suffered. The Tyrants took over GM and Chrysler and financial institutions. Our leader wanted to be a post-American president, and our people in Congress wanted to be the first post-Constitutional Congress. When they were not reaching in our pockets to steal from our families they were apologizing to dictators and tyrants of foreign nations for America’s greatness.

While drug dealers and criminals of all kinds were coming across our borders, Arizona took a stand to enforce the law. Then the tyrants in Washington chose sides and partnered with the lawless groups and came down hard on Americans.


We spoke up to our elected officials and they told us to shut up, and called us racists and ignorant. They have said that we are violent extremists. When the Times Square bomber was caught these people suspected that it was us who planted the bomb because we were upset at Obama’s health care plan. This congress has outlawed the incandescent light bulb, and spent stimulus after stimulus to prop up their political party and cronies who support them.


Get out and vote. Vote against the Obama agenda that advances Socialism and an America that reflects a diminished nation instead of a great nation. Vote against the policies that seek to enslave American citizens to foreign nations that seek our destruction. Keep in mind that at this time CHINA is paying the salaries of President Obama, all his czars and VP Biden. CHINA is also paying the salary for Congress. We can do better than this America. WAKE UP!!!

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13 Responses to Vote!

  1. girlscout says:

    Oh, I’m voting, don’t worry about that! But it won’t be the way YOU would WANT me to vote! LOL Isn’t America GREAT?! We all can vote however we wish!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

  2. hybridtalk1 says:

    One of my liberal co-workers who I have butted heads with over the years came over after lunch to tell me that he voted this morning before work, and voted the crazy democrats out. I was stunned….

    He said that he may be liberal, but he regretted some of his choices in 2008 and he wanted to try to correct the direction of the nation.

    So tonight may be more interesting than I thought. When a life long liberal at work votes against his party…

  3. hybridtalk1 says:

    Girlscout – “But it won’t be the way YOU would WANT me to vote! LOL Isn’t America GREAT?! We all can vote however we wish!!”

    So you will vote FOR socialism? Yikes!

    America is great, but sadly Imam Obama and his team thinks America sucks and needs punished. They want to take our hard earned money and redistribute it to their unions. Bad, Bad, Bad.

    GirlScout – “GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!”

    Or as Imam Obama would say, ‘Alah be praised’.

    Or as Obama supporters would say “God da*n America”

  4. girlscout says:

    I’m just getting too old to get “riled up” by you anymore, hybrid! I repeat – I am not a Socialist. I do not regret anyone I have voted for in the past. You may be surprised to know that I voted mostly Libertarian and Independent this time! So there….:p
    As for “Allah be Praised”………….. whatever floats your boat – it’s a free country and the citizens are allowed to practice whatever religion they want….even Islam.

  5. girlscout says:

    And, as usual, mid-term elections went the way they always do. Since the President is Democrat, a lot of Republicans were chosen in the voting polls yesterday. Happens all the time.
    Let’s see what wonderful things they will do to turn this country around…NOT holding my breath here…..
    YOu and I will be long gone and it will be “business as usual” for the next 100 years…..

    • hybridtalk1 says:

      Wasn’t the 60 seat change a new record in the history of The House?

      Sounds like that 73% of America that didn’t like the hard left turn to Socialism took the opportunity to have their voice heard spoke loud and clear.

  6. Hacksaw says:

    Like I did in August during the primary election, (I live in Florida now) I voted early and worked on Election Day as a polling deputy. I had to report to the polling location at a quarter to 6 in the morning, and stay there until about an hour after the polls closed at 7 pm. It went by reasonably quickly, because the steady stream of voters kept me busy. We had more than 1,300 people vote at my polling site.

    Yesterday was a pretty long day (and night) for me. After working the polls, I went home, ate dinner and watched the election returns, enjoying the national dominance displayed by the GOP. I tried to stay awake until our Governor’s race was decided, but simply passed out at about 3 or 4 in the morning while the race was still “too close to call” . It was the closest Governor’s race here in nearly 150 years. The final outcome was not decided until about 10 this morning, when the democrat candidate (CFO Alex Sink) finally conceded the race to former healthcare industry CEO & Navy veteran Rick Scott, completing a Republican sweep of our State’s cabinet. Occasional Fox News contributor & Tampa Bay prosecutor Pam Bondi was elected as Attorney General, (current AG Bill McCollum ran for Governor, but lost to Scott in the GOP primary) and Republicans also won races for Agriculture Commissioner & Chief Financial Officer. The only other time Florida had a Governor assume office with an entire Republican cabinet was in 2003, when Jeb Bush, the younger brother of the then U.S. President “W” was re-elected as Governor (the 1st Republican and 2nd person ever to serve two 4-year terms) and his coattails were long enough to carry other Republicans seeking office to victory. In that 2002 election, Jeb defeated Bill McBride, who is the husband of this year’s Democrat gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink. In the primaries that year, McBride beat former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno for the right to challenge Bush.

    Term limits under State law are likely the only reason that Bush is not still our Governor, he was prevented from seeking a 3rd term in 2006, so then Attorney General and now recently defeated Senate candidate Charlie Crist was elected as Florida’s Governor.

    Here in Florida, the gubernatorial candidate selects their own Lieutenant Governor nominee & running mate, and Jeb was the 1st one ever to select a woman. The 2nd is our now Governor-elect Rick Scott, who tapped an impressive African American member of the Florida House of Representatives (Jennifer Carroll) who also happens to be a retired Naval Officer and has a son who currently plays for the Miami Dolphins, drafted by them just this year.

  7. girlscout says:

    I’m really bumming out about Kasich being our governor. For some reason that guy just rubs me the wrong way – can’t stand him or his shady Wall Street dealings. We’ve had Republican governors before in Ohio, but this one just grates me the wrong way. Mark my words, I will be proven right. Talk to me in 4 years…..

    • hybridtalk1 says:

      GirlScout, I believe you are just responding to the negative ads the Liberals were putting out. Their focus groups learned that when Liberals heard “Wall Street” there was a negative emotional response, so all their ads included those words. It is the Democrat Party’s version of dark ops (dark operations, psychological operations to bend your will to their program).

      Ask yourself what you really know about Kasich. Remember that part of the election process was for Kasich’s opponent to attack Kasich because Strickland had such a poor record as Governor of Ohio. He was supposed to be better than Taft. But instead as a failure to Ohio, Strickland was Taft’s equal.

      I like to remember that it is by witness of two or three that we accuse people.

  8. girlscout says:

    Pfft! Kasich is the FIRST one who started the mud-slinging at Strickland before Strickland even had a commerical on TV! And even my mom, who is a staunch Republican doesn’t like him. I’ve heard WAY more than 3 or 4 voices against Kasich. And believe me, I take all mud-slinging comments with a grain of salt – on BOTH sides.

  9. polarbear20 says:

    Keep in mind that at this time CHINA is paying the salaries of President Obama, all his czars and VP Biden. CHINA is also paying the salary for Congress.

    Yeah, and CHINA will be owning us even more if Speaker of the House John Of Orange Boner allows the tax cuts for millionaires to continue.

    BTW I voted, for ALL DEMOCRATS BABY!!!

  10. princess says:

    you still don’t get it PB. those “evil” rich people are the very same people that EMPLOY Americans.

    you tax the crap out of THEM, there won’t be any JOBS to be had. thus, continuing the recession.

    hmmmmmmm does the name Jimmey Carter sound familiar?

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