Did I Do That?

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14 Responses to Did I Do That?

  1. therealgirlscout says:

    No, he didn’t. It was headed down the toilet loonngggg before he was elected. Even you must realize this.

    • myfoxmystere says:

      Yes, it was going down the toilet loonngggg before he was elected. It started under Bill Clinton’s watch, then escalated when George Soros pulled his money out of the country.

  2. hybridtalk1 says:

    No, Obama through every liberal policy at a 6.5% unemployment problem and his policies brought the American Economy to where it is today.

    Can’t keep blaming BUSH for the Obama economy.
    Socialism failes everywhere it has been tried.

  3. girlscout says:

    I’ll remember that phiosophy the next time we have a Republican President and the conservatives blame everything on Obama…..

  4. girlscout says:

    Oops – should be PHILOSOPHY.

  5. myfoxmystere says:

    What will Emperor Urkel do next?

  6. princess says:

    idiot predecessor? my goodness……
    did everyone forget the ramifications of the CRA of 1974?
    passed under that IDIOT Carter & taken to the MAX under Clinton.
    deliberate plan to cause a “crisis one can’t afford to take advantage of”.
    even the “queen” barney frank admitted that it was a HUGE mistake. HUGE!!!!!!

    and ALL of this was pushed by the liberal democrats. every BIT of it. THEY vicitmized the people they now WHINE about when they are trying to point fingers AWAY from themselves.

    had the CRA NOT been in existence, the sub prime mortgage market would not have existed.

    and the ONLY people who could buy houses were people who could actually PAY for them & live UP to their agreements with honor & integrity.

  7. girlscout says:

    Well princess, can’t say that I missed your usual whining about how evil and wrong the liberal Democrats always are, and how the conservative Republicans are angels who do nothing wrong.

  8. princess says:

    no, the RINO’S are just as guilty…………(republicans in name only) that’s why the TEA PARTY has emerged. the RINO’S have to GO!
    but, the CRA IS & WAS the brain child of that IDIOT Carter & his democrats.
    and THAT is the ROOT of the economic mess we are ALL paying for.
    of course, that pervert CLINTON helped it along with the queen of the senate Miss Barney Frank.
    if it hadn’t been FOR the CRA, this would NOT HAVE HAPPENED.

    • hybridtalk1 says:


      You are saying that banks can’t really loan house loans to people who can’t pay the loan back, and not stay in business? That cannot be correct or our smart leaders in Congress would have known what would have happened after a few years of the plan being implemented.

      It can’t be true!!! Banks should be in Candy Land, and world peace should have broken out. The deadbeat home buyers should have invested ten dollars in the Futures Markets and received $100,000 in return after five months. Life should be perfect for everyone, because we want it to be that way. Stop getting in the way of our Socialist Fantasy!!!

  9. princess says:

    oh i’ll get in the way every time there mystere……i’m a CAPITALIST through & through. oh how EVIL!!!! LOL

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