We Must Look Out For Illegal Campaign Contributions!

Something has really gotten my attention lately, and I find it quite disturbing.  This is the issue on how political campaigns have been funded.  The big question is this:  how many campaigns are being funded by foreign contributions? One name keeps on popping up:  George Soros.  Soros is the billionaire who keeps infusing cash into many campaigns, and runs sites such as MoveOn.org, which is a liberal site.  Left wing liberal Senator Al Franken brought up a baseless charge in some of the political campaigns in California aimed against left wing Governor Elect Jerry Brown, saying that Meg Whitman’s camp had foreign contributions, and that Carly Fiorina also accepted contributions

from foreign contributors.  Franken had no proof whatsoever that either of them had taken any money from foreigners, yet he led the charge to stir up trouble.

In the meantime, the liberal far left wing accepted billions from George Soros to run a campaign for “legalizing” recreational pot smoking, aka the very infamous Proposition 19.  Now here’s the smoking gun which the far left wing liberal extremists refuse to pull the trigger on:  If George Soros is not a citizen of the United States, he cannot legally contribute money to political campaigns through a corporation or as a private citizen; it is a felony to do so.  The far left wing extremists refuse to check George Soros’ citizenship…in fact, they seem to condone his illegal campaign contributions, or should I say bribes?  Soros is not an American Citizen, yet he has infused billions into the Democratic Party Campaigns, including Prop 19, Barack 0bama’s Presidential run in 2008, California Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown’s campaign, and Senator Barbara Boxer’s reelection campaign.  It also turns out that Soros gave Barney Frank a big bang into his campaign bucks treasure chest!

Soros is the most infamous bribe clown running around the political circus, illegally infusing billions into loony and disgusting causes being voted on.  He may have blown smoke this time with Prop 19, but his and other bribe clowns’ luck will be blown out with a big bang soon, if we all stay vigilant.  Remember to keep an eye out on just who is financing a political campaign in the next election cycle!


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8 Responses to We Must Look Out For Illegal Campaign Contributions!

  1. girlscout says:

    Can’t speak for Calif., but here in Ohio the Republicans had 3 times more monetary donations to their party than the Democrats did. Were all those contributions legal and above-board? I highly doubt it.

    • myfoxmystere says:

      I have heard that the Ohio campaigns were legal…ResistNet and the 912 project along with other conservative sites rallied for individuals to give money, and discouraged foreign corporations, warning them that it’s illegal to give if you’re a foreigner. They also warned of the criminal prosectuion that would occur, if there was any sign of illegal financing.

  2. princess says:

    the real problem here is that the tea party has taken on the “mantel” of the small donor. millions of them.
    if i remember correctly, no one batted an eye when the “one” “claimed” that was most of HIS donor base.
    but GOD FORBID, someone ELSE be the recipient of average joe’s monies on a big scale.
    i found it to be ironic & ridiculous that axelrod also leveled that “charge” of foreign money (so did that moron in the oval office) and when pinned on it during an interview, he said something to the effect of “they have PROVEN otherwise”.
    what ever happened to INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty?
    dirty bastards got EXACTLY what they deserved on nov 2. a butt whoopin. and it will be WORSE in 2012. i can’t WAIT to see that blood bath! LMAO (so to speak)

    • Hacksaw says:

      Due to Harry Reid’s re-election & Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to step aside despite presiding over her Party losing a historic number of seats on November 2nd, the Republicans will now have Obama, Reid & Pelosi (the exact same Democrat leadership team that the majority of Americans roundly rejected earlier this month) to as Richard Nixon put it, “kick around” for the next 2 years, leading right into Obama’s futile re-election campaign and a year in which more than 20 Democratic Senators must run to retain ther seats, against only about 10 Republicans.

  3. myfoxmystere says:

    It’s called 2 bums, a hag, and an UNSTABLE of Donkeys!

  4. polarbear20 says:

    Really, you’re whining about George Soros?? When I think of “illegal campaign contributions” I look no further than The Chamber Of Commerce. Thanks to our wonderful Court Supreme (rolls eyes) all these people who teabagged the election this year don’t have to disclose where any of their money comes from. Girlscout is right, Republicans got 2x,3x the money Democrats did, and it sure as hell didn’t come from “average citizens”.

    O-L-I-G-A-R-C-H-Y, that word Beckerhead couldn’t spell. Well, you got it by voting for the tea party.

  5. princess says:

    wow PB, you really got taken in by THAT one on the Chamber of Commerce. PLEASE! how naive can you (& the rest of the obamatrons) be?

    they threw out that accusation with NO PROOF whatsoever. there isn’t any PROOF simply because it was bullshit!

    didn’t you hear axelrod? please…………..how stupid can you obamatrons be?

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