Well, I Guess I Won’t Be Taking That Trip To California Now

What the hell, California????    You’re in a budget hole, yet you vote against a ballot issue that could have saved your state tons of money??    I thought for sure Proposition 19 would pass, especially in a state like California.    Of all the places where smart rational people who understand it’s stupid to persecute stoners, I was sure California was the  place.   And maybe, just maybe California would influence other states into doing the right thing.   But no, the MORONS in California spoke.   They said we’ll continue the war on potheads, regardless of the cost.   Oh, and we’ll elect jackass Jerry Brown too.

Now for once I’m not going to blame teabaggers for this.   Nope, I’m giving a big F-U to the Obama administration and especially Attorney General Eric Holder.   Prop 19 was actually polling ahead a few weeks before the election, until the damn AG threatened to use federal law to fight state law(umm hello, TENTH AMENDMENT anyone??).    Not only that, but the President’s advisers consist of some serious shitheads.   I was watching FOX News and one of the DEA people they talked to actually said “legalizing marijuana would INCREASE violence”.    Uhhhhh, really??    Dude obviously knows nothing at all about marijuana.    I’ve never met an angry or violent stoner.   Ever.

I gotta say, this is one issue that’s seriously making me rethink my support of President Obama.   These lameass “democrats” truly are pathetic.   We’re dealing with the financial consequences of the most ridiculous policy since Prohibition, yet they won’t do anything about it.

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9 Responses to Well, I Guess I Won’t Be Taking That Trip To California Now

  1. princess says:

    well i agree with SOME of your statements there PB. btw hello!

    “legalizing marijuana would INCREASE violence”. nahhhh stoners don’t give a shit about ANYTHING but getting high…………not jobs, not kids, etc. violence? nah, they are not capable simply because they are stoned. LOL

    but, what REALLY trapped your precious obama & his minions was their lawsuit against arizona……if they are going to sue arizona for actually enforcing federal law, they better sue california for breaking federal law.

    marijuana is still ILLEGAL by FEDERAL LAW. it’s that simple. california cannot legally subvert FEDERAL law.

    if you stoners really want this legalized, you better start electing some stoners……to congress. that’s the ONLY WAY it’s EVER going to be legalized.

    and then, congress won’t be any different than it was just a few months ago. a bunch of IDIOTS lining their OWN pockets with OUR money. LOL

    • polarbear20 says:

      First off, Obama was RIGHT to block Arizona’s law because it WASTES MONEY and HURTS PEOPLE. What a waste of money to imprison people who cannot “show their papers”. And surprise surprise, Arizona’s private prison industry were among the biggest champions of this law. Industry manipulating the laws and harming people to make a buck, BIG SHOCKER!! Plus it harms people, legal American citizens who happen to be Hispanic, and look like illegals, whatever the FUCK that’s supposed to mean!

      On the other hand, Proposition 19 would harm NO ONE and save tons of money. Current laws are beyond stupid for punishing people for growing or using a natural plant product. We’re wasting millions punishing these people who pose no threat to anyone. I’ve encountered plenty of angry, violent drunks. But never an angry or violent pothead. Ever.

      if you stoners really want this legalized, you better start electing some stoners……to congress. that’s the ONLY WAY it’s EVER going to be legalized.

      I agree. We should elect more stoners. Might help us finally achieve world piece. If Obama burned one with the leaders of Israel and Palestine, the who “middle east” thing would be over.

      Next election, I’d like to run for the lowest local political office, with this as part of my platform. 😀

  2. Hacksaw says:

    In other “pot” related news, singer Willie Nelson has once again been arrested for marijuana possession…

    Isn’t it odd, how liberal views of pot usage have “evolved” over the years? Just over 2 decades ago in 1987, President Ronald Reagan nominated Judge Robert Bork to serve on our Nation’s Supreme Court, and the Democrat controlled Senate derailed his ascension to the high court, due in large part to his admission that many years ago he had “experimented” with marijuana but since then, we have elected a President who also admits to smoking pot but claims to have “not inhaled” (Bill Clinton) and another who bragged in his 1st book about not only pot smoking, but underage drinking & cocaine usage as well (Barack Obama) and both of these guys, as Presidents of these United States were allowed to select at least 2 Supreme Court Justices apiece – it’s the height of hypocrisy for guys like the late Ted Kennedy & current VP Joe “bite me” Biden, who both played pivotal roles in torpedoing Bork’s nomination and also in the election of both of these drug abusers to our country’s highest elected office….what a fine example for the children of this land!

    • polarbear20 says:

      Yeah, it’s the liberals fault!!! LMMFAO!!

      It was the BORDER PATROL who caught Willie in a “checkpoint”. That’s why the border isn’t secure, because BORDER patrol agents are busy punishing people for gardening projects!!

  3. therealgirlscout says:

    In the spirit of the season, while I’m doing my Chrismas shopping, I’m going to buy all of the Clevelandfoxers an Obama Chia Pet. Your welcome.

  4. princess says:

    LMAO girly. we played a joke on our pastor last year for “pastor appreciation month”.

    not only did we all “donate” $$$ but lots of us also bought him chia pets (he thinks they are silly) and WE bought him the obama one! (he’s not a fan)

    it was HYSTERICAL!!!

  5. myfoxmystere says:

    Hello everyone! Merry Christmas from a warm and sunny Southern California! Just to give you an official heads up: The next attorney General for California is the soft on hard core criminal Kountry Klub prison Kamala Harris. The Tough on hard core criminals candidate Steve Cooley caved in and conceded to this Frisco nut job. She plans on being soft on murderers, while she will send anyone who farts in public to the gulag, or even to the “gas chamber” for “environmental crimes”.

  6. myfoxmystere says:

    Happy New Year Polar Bear! Just an update from the West Coast: Now that the Governator has left, and “WON’T BE BAAAACCCH!”, Moonbeam has issued a bunch of cuts…with one thing not getting cut: his sacred cow unions will be spared a slashing. Moonbeam won’t slash a penny from the thugs who bought him off.

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