Someone is listening

The House has passed a Repeal of Obama Care. The Republicans have heard the American people and have acted in accordance with what the people wanted. Much is different in the Senate where the Democrats still control things. We know that the last two years they didn’t really care about what the American people wanted because they don’t really represent the people of their state, they represent Big Government and BIG LIBERAL policies.

That is what I attribute to the huge pushback that came in November. American citizens want our representatives to listen to us, not tell us that they are going to pass a 2200 page bill so that they can then know what is contained in the bill. What laziness and pride on display by people who pretended to be public servants. They turned out to be tyrants and I hope every last one of them is fired by the end of their term.

The Democrat controlled Senate says that they won’t put the Obama Care repeal up for a vote. That seems strange since Senator Harry Reid and his fellow tyrants have gone on record about how Obama Care is what America needed and how it will save so much money and provide free health care to all Americans. Why wouldn’t they delight in an opportunity to make their positions on Obama Care known again by putting the bill up for a vote and taking a stand? Tell us again how spending more money will actually save us money.  It almost appears that the Democrats in the Senate are afraid to be tied to support of Obama Care after November’s election. Is it possible they don’t want to bring up the topic because they know the will of the people and the Democrats in Congress still seek to thwart the will of the American people?

If that were the case, then all those remaining tyrants need to go. We need to target those Congress people. I am sticking to my guns, they need to be fired. In 2010 I hope the American voters unload both barrels on Democrat Congress members and replace them with elected officials who listen to the voters.

But do it with some civility please.

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3 Responses to Someone is listening

  1. princess says:

    fire taking a stand tyrants target guns, unload both barrels

    gosh hybrid, are you TRYING to get yourself attacked like Sarah Palin?

    such STRONG words might cause someone to “believe” what you say & shoot someone.

    LMAO good job

  2. Hacksaw says:

    Overlooked in this vote by the majority of the compliant media is that while all House Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare, 3 Democrats did as well – true bipartisanship in action, even if the left won’t admit it! 🙂

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