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Last American WWI Veteran Passes

A sharp salute to this impressive icon, not only for being our final World War 1 veteran, but also for his making it to a century & a decade to boot! Frank Buckles, Last World War I Doughboy, Is Dead … Continue reading

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“Transparent” White House Caught Having Secret Off-site Meetings With Lobbyists

Wasn’t this the same guy who campaigned against lobbyists & their influence, and swore that they would have no place in his Administration? W.H. meets lobbyists off campus It keeps the meetings out of Secret Service logs.    By CHRIS … Continue reading

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Conflict Resolution – new standards for Wis Schools.

The New Wisconsin Public School class outline for Conflict Resolution. Students, when a conflict develops you should follow these guidelines. (1) Contact the national Union Thugs to bring in some muscle. Power is everything, even if your position in the … Continue reading

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Gadhafi Tied to “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright

It’s no surprise as to why our President is handling this long time thug & well known terrorist with kid gloves, despite the fact that with the Lockerbie bombing that he ordered & the Libyan attack on a German nightclub frequented … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck was right!

Last year, back in December, Glenn Beck was telling his audiance that the riots from public union members was coming soon. His detractors laughed at Beck calling him all sorts of names. Here we are today, and you see he … Continue reading

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San Francisco May Ban Infant Circumcision!

 Self-described “civil rights advocates” say that a ballot proposition to ban circumcision is on track for gathering signatures, meaning that San Franciscans may vote on the measure this November. I suppose tattooing, piercings and stabbing babies in the back … Continue reading

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Somali Pirates Kill 4 American Boaters

Exactly what will be America’s response to the senseless murder of 4 of her unarmed citizens on the high seas? Our government will likely “prosecute” the 15 pirates who were captured after they fired at a U.S. naval ship, and … Continue reading

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Regarding the failed leaders of Wisconsin.

Regarding the failed leaders of Wisconsin who fled the state rather than be grown ups elected to do a hard job. I saw these comments and they all resonated with me. They should be applied to all States when elected … Continue reading

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Taking sides in Wisconsin.

President Obama commented about the Wisconsin conflict between elected officials and unelected Union members that we should all remember that Public sector union workers were our friends and neighbors. I guess he means that before those in Wisconsin who still … Continue reading

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Which one is it Democrats?

Which one is it Democrats? Nancy Pelosi told us when she ruled the House that Unemployment was good for the economy. It stimulated economic growth and created jobs. Now she says unemployment is a bad thing. In her own words … Continue reading

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