Which one is it Democrats?

Which one is it Democrats?

Nancy Pelosi told us when she ruled the House that Unemployment was good for the economy. It stimulated economic growth and created jobs. Now she says unemployment is a bad thing.

In her own words Pelosi said, “Unemployment insurance, the economists tell us, returned $2 for every dollar that is put out there for unemployment insurance.  People need the money. They spend it immediately for necessities.  It injects demand into the economy.  It creates jobs to help reduce the deficit.”  Pelosi make unemployment and the unemployment checks that accompanied it to be the life blood of economic recovery. We should all be unemployed and the recession will be gone in a week.


But now Pelosi and her team are coming out against unemployment especially since the 200,000 government employees hired in the last two years are the target.

So which is it Democrat leaders?

————————— also ————————

Democrats have always told us (American tax payers) that our tax dollars do not pay for abortions. But this week they have begun a campaign to protect government money that pays for abortions.


The link is to a story in the New York Times about how abortion clinics (i.e., Planned Parenthood) cannot survive without federal money.  It would seem to me, then, that taxpayer dollars are funding abortion after all, wouldn’t it? So the Liberal Democrats just lie to Americans, hoping that those stupid Americans will never figure out how they are being duped.

So which is it Democrat leaders? Are tax dollars being used to pay for abortions or not?

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