Regarding the failed leaders of Wisconsin.

Regarding the failed leaders of Wisconsin who fled the state rather than be grown ups elected to do a hard job. I saw these comments and they all resonated with me. They should be applied to all States when elected legislators flee the State so they don’t have to make difficult decisions; decisions the State voters have called for.  – (HT)


(with regards to what Gov. Walker should do now) The political solution to force their hands would be along these lines taken over the course of a few days, stopping only when one or more of the missing Senators show up:

First: The WI Senate should convene and proceed with all business except fiscal matters.

Second: Walker orders the WI AG to investigate whether the Senators are no longer residents of WI and therefore have voluntarily vacated their offices.

Third: The GOP gets behind serious recall petitions – especially in districts of the most vulnerable Senators.

Fourth: The WI Senate proposes a bill to make WI a right to work law.

Fifth: The WI Senate proposes a bill to make paying union dues optional regardless of right to work so that even union members can not be required to pay union dues.

Sixth: The WI Senate eliminate funds for all staff of all MIA Senators.

And so forth. The point is to make the unions and the missing Senators to be in the news cycle as MIA until the issue is resolved.

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One Response to Regarding the failed leaders of Wisconsin.

  1. Hacksaw says:

    Democrat legislators from Indiana have just done the same thing, running to Illinois to avoid a tough vote that they were elected to make. (and likely, to help elect Rahm Emanuel in today’s Chicago mayoral race! 😀 )

    This cowardly tactic of fleeing your State to avoid voting that is being practiced by Democrats all around the Nation will come back to bite them in the next election cycle, they are handing their opponents in the next election an easy & effective attack ad to use against them, and many of them will lose their seats over it.

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