Conflict Resolution – new standards for Wis Schools.

The New Wisconsin Public School class outline for Conflict Resolution.

Students, when a conflict develops you should follow these guidelines.

(1) Contact the national Union Thugs to bring in some muscle. Power is everything, even if your position in the conflict is not correct. Might means Right.

(2) If a vote is required, flee the state as quickly as possible. Make every effort to charge the expenses of your cowardice on the people who pay your salary.

(3) Shout slogans like “Freedom” or “People Now” or “GOP is DOA”. This strategy will confuse those trying to pay attention to the actual facts of the conflict, and paint your opponent as some communist (not that there is anything wrong with Communists) NAZI (not that there is anything wrong with Nazis) anti-American Capitalist.

(4) If you have a job, take an unlimited sick leave. Your employers won’t mind paying you for not working, I mean, have they complained yet about your lack of work? If you need a doctor’s note to excuse you, we have many options you can consider. Your time is valuable and should be paid under any and all circumstances, even if you are not doing the work you were hired to do (as if this is something new…)

(5) Should the conflict escalate, draw some blood from your opponent. After all, they deserve it for not giving you everything you want at their expense. Those people are so selfish and only think of themselves. Hit them a couple of times, feel better, and then demand all of your demands, un I mean views, be accepted without compromise.

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17 Responses to Conflict Resolution – new standards for Wis Schools.

  1. girlscout says:

    1. Contact the Koch Brothers to bring in some muscle to squash the rights of American workers. Money is everything and can do wonders to sway opinions. MONEY is Might.
    3. Shout slogans like “Obama is a Muslim” and “Obama is a Socialist”. This ploy by the Tea Party will distract you from the real issue – that they hate Obama and still can’t get past the fact that he is our President. Muslim, Nazi, Socialist, Communist – what’s the difference here?
    5. Not sure about this comment as to blood being drawn. But as to demanding all the demands be accepted without compromise… about the pot calling the kettle black! LOL That’s exactly what the Governor of Wisconsin is doing – demanding all the public workers give up everything they have worked for. Thinking only of themselves? Damn straight they are! It’s called survival! There is no compromise here as far as I can see – just dictates by the governor to take away everything from the public workers.

    • hybridtalk1 says:

      You do understand that he isn’t taking everything, he is only asking for them to pay more for things WE pay for everyday. Also, you do understand that there is only so much money, so if they say that they won’t take on some of their own responsibility, the Gov will be forced to law off some of these government workers, who are paid by tax payer dollars?

      You would say it is better to lose your job than take ownership of your own life?

  2. girlscout says:

    Somehow, I think, they are MANY more ways to trim the state budget. There are probably many, many cases where money is thrown around like paper in the State’s budget. This isn’t just about money. It’s about Big Business wanting to squash Unions and Collective Bargaining. It’s a known fact that Republicans have always despised Unions because it takes money away from the Big Guys and filters it down to the middle class. Republicans have ALWAYS been on the side of Big Business – ALWAYS! And so now the Republican governors are trying to flex their muscle and turn things around for all their Big Business contributors, who of course, expect something in return for their donations. So they start with State workers, hoping it will continue on to ALL Union workers too.

    • hybridtalk1 says:

      GS – “This isn’t just about money. It’s about Big Business wanting to squash Unions and Collective Bargaining. It’s a known fact that Republicans have always despised Unions because it takes money away from the Big Guys and filters it down to the middle class.”

      We must be talking about two different things. I am taking about public sector unions. Those folks are not working for big corporations, they are working for the tax payer. So the government employee is taking money from mom and pop and their children so they can have gold-plated benefits and retirement.

      Here is a good article to read about government benefits –

      So Public Sector unions are taking money from us the tax payers, not big corporations, and living high while we have to make cuts to our budget so they can make $100K and retire at age 50. That isn’t right.

  3. therealgirlscout says:

    Please re-read my last sentence. They will start with State workers, hoping it will carry on to Union workers too. Like I said, Republicans have always hated Unions and would do anything to abolish them.

  4. princess says:

    It’s about Big Business wanting to squash Unions and Collective Bargaining
    kinda like big evil oil? please…..all Unions do is choke the crap out of ANY business they are involved in. and btw, Big Business (and small business too) are the EMPLOYERS that provide the PAYCHECKS that will get us OUT of this recession. that idiotic “stimulus” package did NOTHING. BUSINESS and EMPLOYMENT will rise ALL of US out of the recession…..
    It’s a known fact that Republicans have always despised Unions because it takes money away from the Big Guys and filters it down to the middle class.
    again the BIG GUYS are the EMPLOYERS with ALL the risk.

  5. princess says:

    sadly, MOST liberals (not all) could care less about the EMPLOYER…..
    but, without the EMPLOYER they wouldn’t have jobs.

    talk about biting the hand that feeds…….

    remember i am an EMPLOYER………..and trust me, the ungrateful, lazy, entitled ones either don’t GET jobs, or they LOSE them very quickly.
    i don’t have time or patience to waste on someone who thinks they “deserve” a paycheck (or benefits, etc.) rather than EARN it.

    so i guess i’m big evil “restaurant” LMAO

    • therealgirlscout says:

      I care a lot about my employer. They have provided a living for my family for 37 years and I am very grateful for this. And our Union has made many concessions over the years. Long gone are the days of free health care – now we have a co-pay. I’m not complaining about it, either. It’s a different time and free benefits are no longer an option. This does not mean that Unions or Public Collective Bargaining is an evil thing. It is a balance between what’s fair for the employee and employer. And I work hard at my job. It’s not like I’m sitting on my ass and collecting the big bucks for nothing!

  6. therealgirlscout says:

    And your statement about Unions choking the crap out of businesses is simply not true. Otherwise, every business that has had a Union since the 1920’s would have gone bankrupt and this has not happened. My employer has been in business for over half a century, with Union employees, and is doing fine.

    • hybridtalk1 says:

      Well, in truth, GM and Chrysler are bankrupt because they are paying all the union contracts, and they pay for laidoff union workers and the 90% pay of retired workers.

      The American automakers should have filed chapter 11 and started over.

  7. princess says:

    ahhhh girly, the ONLY reason YOUR employer still HAS unions is GOVERNMENT money……..actually OUR money. mine and YOURS.
    if it weren’t for the government………there wouldn’t BE any union, simply because UNION employers can’t compete without the government (our money & yours) subsidies.
    why do you think that any thing paid for by the government (again, MY money and YOURS) MUST be done by unions?
    think about that girly. if the unions weren’t in bed with the politicians, EVERYTHING would cost LESS for EVERYONE.
    cars, electricity, roads, food, etc.
    the UNIONS and their ridiculous demands is what makes EVERYTHING in this country COST more and is TAXED more.

  8. princess says:

    so that “fairness” (which is baloney btw) ONLY extends to you UNION members.
    the REST of us have to PAY for it.

    • girlscout says:

      It is obvious that you hate Unions and we will never agree on this issue, so I’m so done with this subject! I thought of several replies to your last comments. But really, life is just too damn short to argue about this anymore!

      • hybridtalk1 says:

        Private sector unions have some use, but Public sector (government) unions are bad. The Unions hire the Democrat politician and he rewards them with great union contracts. The person paying for all this is left out of the process. That would be the tax payer.

  9. princess says:

    hybrid, the MAIN reason ANY private employer employs “union” workers is so that they can participate in GOVERNMENT projects.
    any GOVERNMENT project MUST be done by UNION workers & contractors.
    there is no other reason to be bothered with the corrupt, money hungry UNION and it’s “workers” (using that term lightly)
    if a contractor could effectively WIN a government contract WITHOUT union benefits, they would……….simply because it would improve their “bottom line”.
    who in their right mind would hire a worker for more money & benefits than they have to? it just doesn’t make sense.
    and remember, government “projects” are paid for by US and ONLY US.

  10. princess says:

    trust me, businesses that participate in union contracts don’t do it because they “care” about the employees and their standard of living OR their demands on working conditions.
    they CARE about their bottom line & profitability so that they can STAY in business.
    unions couldn’t care LESS about all that………..all they are interested in is “what’s in it for ME?”

    • hybridtalk1 says:

      My company had one engineering group join a union back in the late 70s. Those who initiated the union were really happy with the decision. Years later the guys and gals in the department with the union didn’t see the value in it, but they were unable to de-unionize. Then in the early 90s their department was disolved as a first measure of cost cutting… I guess you could say that by cutting the unionized department, the company saved a lot of jobs (using Obama talk)…

      I am still here after 30 plus years, and never paid a penny to a union. That is my story..

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