Three cheers for Wisconsin government.

Well finally the people who elected the Wisconsin government are getting some results after the Union thugs tried to usurp power that was never given to them. The Unions have been orchestrating chaos with their people in the State House, with the Liberal media and by holding the democrat senators of Wisconsin hostage in Illinois. (Have you seen what damage union demonstrators did to the Wisconsin House? $7 mill in damages… )

While some of the democrat senators have wanted to get back to the work of the Wisconsin people (and thier families) and do the right thing for the state, the Unions have prevented them from acting on those choices. The Unions are only interested in what the Unions what, and the rest of the state can suffer, especially in a financial sense.

I applaud the Republicans of Wisconsin for their taking control of events in their state. Finding a way to get around the democrats immoral standoff in Illinois by separating the one provision that required their presence to vote on the bill was political genius. And it was all legal, unlike the methods used by the democrats in Congress to force Obama care on America.

The will of the American people is to cut spending. Democrats and public sector unions oppose that idea. The will of the people of Wisconsin is to cut the budget, so they elected the people who would act in favor of the people, but the public sector Unions are opposed to such an idea. They are for taking everything from the tax-payer, without apology.

I hope the Ohio House and Senate republicans have the guts to lead like those in Wisconsin.

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3 Responses to Three cheers for Wisconsin government.

  1. hybridtalk1 says:

    What if Scott Walker summed it up like President Obama did after the election of 2008?

    “We won, you lost…”

  2. Hacksaw says:

    Now those brave legislators who stayed at their posts & got results for the people who elected them, vice fleeing to another State like their cowardly Democrat collegues, are having their lives & their families lives threatened by leftist loons & union thugs – is this the new tone of “civility” that we heard so much about after the shootings in Tuscon?

  3. myfoxmystere says:

    I saw a bunch of threats on Twitter where some asked people to “Plow Walker” by driving up to the Capitol in tractors. They were saying it would be great to assassinate him by plowing him with the tractors. They said that a good Republican is a dead Republican. Talk about beyond sick!

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