The Sights

Lusty lady, lick your lips
Bruising brawler, bust your back
Tiny thinker, tinker away
Singing siren
Sailors swim
Lazy leech, loitering and littering
Sneaky stalker, seen from afar
Flustered fuzz, ferry him away
Enough of this, noisy narrator!

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4 Responses to The Sights

  1. therealgirlscout says:

    OMG! Is this who I think it is?! I’m licking my lips right now! LOL

  2. hittosan says:

    LOL, none other!

  3. therealgirlscout says:

    What have you been up to??!!

  4. myfoxmystere says:

    Oi Hitto-san! No tsunami wipe-outs? Good! I hope you have more time to post things!

    Girlscout, I recently bought some cookies from one of the girls at my church: 2 boxes – one was a mint chocolate, and the other is lemon drops(?). I’ll probably open them on Easter.

    Now where are the others: mzkatie, dprin 339 and polarbear20?

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