Finally – Proof of President Obama’s birth in America.

Proof of President Obama’s birth in America.

Hawaii – Reporters from the New York Times (NYT) have released their results to an in-depth investigation into the birth origin of President Obama. Questions have arisen over the last thirty-eight months about the validity of the Presidents birth and his status of an American citizen.

A number of the NYT reporters were tasked with the objective to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt President Obama’s American birth. The following are just a few of the many personal accounts they collected.

Mary Okuna – Nurse at Coral Gardens hospital. “Oh yes, I worked the maternity floor the week the Obama family gave birth. I remember the young boy, he gave us such hope, and it was such a joy to change him. All the nurses will tell you about how he was able to make the formula in his baby bottle rise and fall at will. The child was amazing.

Sarah Parker – Piano teacher of the young Barack recalled, “He was quite a student. I do not recall having one like him. That Barack was always interested in the piano keys. Seemed like he was more interested in counting the black and white keys than he was in playing them. Gave them names. Also, and this is unique, instead of following the notes on the music scale the way we teach, you know, F – A – C- E , he would call them S- E- I U. Is that not the most interesting thing?”

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5 Responses to Finally – Proof of President Obama’s birth in America.

  1. Hacksaw says:

    I agree with Donald Trump who asserts that President Obama may have been born in America, but there is definitely something on his birth certificate (along with his college transcripts, which he also refuses to release) that he just does not want us all to know.

  2. myfoxmystere says:

    He was probably a big punk who got into trouble way too often? Who knows?

  3. princess says:

    now that was funny…..
    i agree, there’s something he is hiding….and i would BET it has something to do with his mother……….rumor has it she was loose and the actual sperm donor was an old man who was “friends” with his grandfather.
    but if anyone is going to uncover all this baloney, it will be Trump…..he’s got enough dough to keep at it til he finds it.

    • hybridtalk1 says:

      I have some friends who visit Europe. They just returned from a trip to England and Italy and the word over there is that President Obama’s Birth Certificate is real but shows his father listed as a being Muslim. To the Muslim world, that would mean that Obama is Muslim. Period.

      If word got out, then the President would have a lot of splain’n to do. Muslims would see him as a turn coat to the faith and would seek to punish him for his betrayal to Islam. (Fatwah…)

      So for now, he hides it.

      The plot thickens…

      • Hacksaw says:

        That makes alot of sense, although we already knew that both his father & stepfather (Lolo Sotero) were Muslims.

        I would submit that the Muslim community is already punishing us, and they were doing it via armed attacks long before this posuer appeared on the scene.

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