Will Muslims Issue A Fatwa Against Carl’s Jr. & Hardees?

The word is out! Carl’s Jr. and Hardees have brought out an under 500 calorie burger to the market. However, they have gotten some people upset with their ads. But, before I get into what’s happening, let me give you a link to some free food from Carl’s Jr. and Hardees:


If you haven’t noticed the ads yet, this is where the heat is on: They got Miss Turkey to do an ad for the new turkey burger. In the ad, Miss Turkey strips down to a bikini with the turkey burger imprinted on it. It turns out that Miss Turkey, Gizem Memic (Sorry folks, my computer doesn’t allow for a French curve under the c), happens to like Carl’s Jr. burgers; she said she grew up eating them.

Now, I came across a blog where a Turkish American said he was quite offended with the ad. I’ll admit Gizem is quite the looker here! She has become quite the sensation on television with that ad! Now I’m wondering if any Muslim Imam has become a big cry baby and issued a Fatwa against Carl’s Jr. and Hardees? Or have they enjoyed the ad so much that they’ve given a pass to them? If I were 1 of those nutjob Imams, I would probably still give a pass! Of course not all Imams are nutjobs, just the extremists!

Gizem, if you happen to come across this blog, I hope you enjoy the Turkey Burger!

No Fatwa from me!

(Originally posted on http://rattrappersmyfoxtrappings.blogspot.com)

Rattrapper’s My Fox Trappings: Will Muslims Issue A Fatwa Against Carl’s Jr. & Hardees?.


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