bin Laden dead.

Osama bin Laden dead. Some thoughts.

It took great patients in our skilled military to finalize the job they started ten years ago, but you knew they would finish the mission. Working against hostile lands and people, and as it may now appear, a hostilePakistan, they tracked down the enemy and performed their duty.

The reports differed this morning (Monday) from what we heard late last night. They were telling us that bin Laden was killed days ago, and was only being announced now because they needed to confirm the identity. It was a missile that took out the compound.

This morning we learn that it was a bullet that took out the enemy ofAmericaand it was done yesterday as US Special forces converged on bin Laden’s hideout.

I am sure the story will change a few more times before the end of the month, but the bottom line is that bin Laden is room temperature now. Not that the threat is gone, but one evil threat is gone. A big fish in a pond of malice has been forever removed.

My first instinct was to go to Giant Eagle or some place that was opened late Sunday, and buy candy to hand out to anyone who would care to celebrate with me. But then I remembered how I felt when I saw Arabs doing that onSeptember 11, 2001as our people died, and our planes crashed, and buildings turned into dust. No, I would not celebrate death like those who worship Satan. I would humbly recognize that apart from Christ’s grace toward me, I too could be like Osama bin Laden or one of his followers.

I will say it, bin Laden is in hell today. I believe he knew that was his destination, and many of his followers also believed that. Otherwise they would have sought the reward they proclaimed to their followers of Jihad. The 72 virgins and rivers of wine and pleasures untold. No, bin Laden knew none of that awaited him. He followed the evil one and intentionally sought collateral damages for his cause. Today his reward is a grave in the sea and eternity apart from God.

If bin Laden really did get his 72 virgin reward his people should be celebrating today, but you will find them plotting instead. Plotting to kill more innocent people to feed their evil appetites.

There is some comfort to know that bin Laden was taken, yet the comfort is like a vapor as I consider how many evil individuals and groups are out there seeking to harm me, my family and my country. They are outside our borders and also inside. For today, and maybe tomorrow, all Americans will be as one like we were after 9-11. Then it will be back to the usual hostilities and struggles of life.

They tell me that Hitler and bin Laden both died on May 1st.  Since they had so much in common, I suppose it is appropriate. On to the next mission; the only easy day was yesterday.

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5 Responses to bin Laden dead.

  1. hybridtalk1 says:

    As more facts emerge about bin Laden’s death and the mission to take him out, we find out much about our current President. While Candidate Obama was going to end torture (enhanced interrogations) and close Gitmo it turns out that the reality of the world as seen through the Oval Office changes candidate’s views. I applaud President Obama for becoming a partner, even if it was in secret, to President Bush’s vision of pursuing bin Laden. President Obama was going to end all the efforts President Bush initiated, but we see that he continued them so that America’s #1 enemy would be hunted down. President Obama has actually become a partner with President Bush and upheld the previous administrations policies to nail bin Laden and the two Presidents working together have succeeded; mission accomplished.

    I understand why President Obama would not want his base fans to learn that he essentially extended President Bush’s “Obama” policies during his administration because of his campaign promises, but in the end we all got what we wanted; Justice for bin Laden and some closure for the families, the survivors of 9-11.

  2. myfoxmystere says:


    It’s now time to wait and be prepared for another attack from the enemies. However for the moment, here’s a slogan I haven’t seen being used yet:

    Obama whacks Osama!

  3. Hacksaw says:

    First off, this is terrific news and it’s long overdue, but these things take time. We didn’t get the nickname of the trusted courier until 2003, and his real name until 2005. The location of the luxury compound that ObL was residing at was not learned or confirmed by our government until this past August, at which time meticulous preparations for the raid began. I am utterly pleased that the last thing bin Laden saw in this World was an American serviceman, with a rifle trained at his head. He probably had about a second to think “I’m screwed!” in Arabic before that SEAL ventilated his skullcap and sent him off in pursuit of the 72 virgins that he promised to so many other jihadists.

    Adolph Hitler committed suicide on August 30th, 1945 and his death was reported the following day, on May 1st.

    It’s very fortunate for all of us that President Obama has chosen to listen to President Bush alot more than he does Senator Obama” because the latter & his cohorts have been wrong on just about every issue but I will concede that while running for President, Senator Obama declared that if presented with actionable intelligence about ObL’s whereabouts in Pakistan, he would go in there and get him and that is exactly what President Obama authorized when the opportunity arose.

  4. myfoxmystere says:

    I got word from some sources saying that if the Muslims delivered Osama bin laden to Obama, he would deliver Israel to the muzzies. Now, have you noticed all the Supernatural disasters we are facing? The Mississippi River flooding like crazy? How about the worst tornado in 60 years in Joplin Missouri? God warned nations not to tamper with Israel’s borders, and if any nation did, it would suffer disasters. Odumbo has called for Israel to go back to its pre 1967 borders, and now look at the disasters we are facing. All because he sold Israel out to the muzzies! The imam muzzies now have a price on our heads!

    • Hacksaw says:

      Fortunately, “OBambi” does not control Israel – he can only offer his ill-informed, telepromper scrolling opinions and make suggestions, which they have their choice as to whether or not to follow but in the end, Israel is led by a tough, gutsy Prime Minister in Benjamin Netanyahu, a former Israeli special forces commando whose own brother was killed in combat during a hostage rescue mission. He does not back down from a challenge, and will do what is necessary in the best interest of his country, unlike the current “leader” of this Nation.

      “Bibi” Netanyahu is a tough, no nonsense leader who totally schooled our naive & childish President in his own Oval office for all the World to see, and it was a beautiful thing to witness, along with the majority of the compliant, left wing media all whining about it.

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