People seem happy.

I believe I am actually beginning to enjoy having a Liberal Democrat President.

No really, hear me out.

In the days of President Bush, the news was always bad. The 4.0 unemployment rate was reported as a bad economy and a potential double-dip recession. Every night we were given the death count of our military, and we were given a constant display of pictures of thing our troops had done to our Arab prisoners (like Abu Ghraib). We were told that the release of such pictures were an incitement against America and especially GW Bush. Then the media and Liberal Democrats wanted the release of those pictures of pictures of flag draped coffins with US military men and women. No concern at all for the sensibility of how Americans felt about those pictures.

Today, and the last two plus years have been very different. If there is a news story that might embarrass our President the media and Liberal Democrats in office scrub the story and in many cases the story is never heard, apart from foreign media and the folks at FOX news. No pictures of bin Laden because it might harm the President. Even in the news about Obama killing Osama, we would be hearing about “Cowboy” Bush who entered sovereign Pakistan and imposed his will without any coalition support. Today, the mainstream media is totally supportive of “cowboy” operations of military kind. They almost act like they want another one to feed their frenzied support of the President. Today, water-boarding is being celebrated as well as wire taps on terrorist’s phones. It amazes me how the media chooses to report and direct the mind numb American people who look to them for information and direction. (Liberals must be confused, as what was once bad is now good.)
And there has been little to no reporting about the economy being on the verge of total collapse. Talk to liberals at work about the economy and they think things have never been better. Everyone who wants a job has one. The economy is almost back to where it was in 2008. And high gas prices? In the Bush years the media would have the people so stirred up about Bush and Cheney and their oil pals. Today, people are much more accepting about the high prices. “Hey”, they say, “the President said, there is no silver bullet that would help. No sense to start drilling for oil now. We need to accept that the good times are gone, and that only wind powered cars will save us.”

Makes me want to smack these people, but I know it would not help them. They are lost and happy in their little world where they have been told all is well, and Obama is fixing everything.

People seem to be much happier these days, and maybe it should stay like this. Why worry them, since 52% of voting Americans voted for “fundamental change” of the country they live and ‘work’ in.

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