Did Weiner Roast Himself?


I’m curious folks:  did Anthony Weiner roast himself with the TwitPic?  He claims someone hacked his account and sent out that picture; only he and God knows the truth.  Do you think he told the truth or did he really load the pic?!!


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3 Responses to Did Weiner Roast Himself?

  1. therealgirlscout says:

    Only Weiner knows the answer to that – but it’s not something I’m losing sleep over. Men are controlled by their testosterone. And that’s a fact, whether their Deomocrat or Republican.

    • myfoxmystere says:

      Girlscout, I agree to a big extent…I think Weiner mishandled his situation to an extent and made it worse than it should have been. I suspect he took a picture, then accidentally tweeted it to a coed follower; when he saw what happened, he tried to use the excuse that he got hacked. If I guessed correctly and it happened that way, he would have been smarter to do the “Bill Clinton apology” by saying he goofed off with his camera and accidentally uploaded a picture. Bill Clinton saved his own dignity when he finally admitted what he did…he had some streetsmarts. Weiner could learn from Bubba.

    • Hacksaw says:

      As with most political scandals, the attempt to cover it up is often more damaging to the offender than the actual crime.

      Richard Nixon was forced to resign the Presidency because it was proven that he tried to cover up the Watergate break in, although he likely did not have anything to do with the original crime.

      Bill Clinton was not impeached for receiving oral sex, he was impeached for lying about it under oath, and trying to get others to lie about it as well.

      Representative Weiner has claimed that someone hacked into his e-mail account, which would be a serious felony if it actually occurred. The creep who hacked into Sarah Palin’s account and distributed her personal photos among other things to the general public is still in jail, and she was not a sitting U.S. Congressman when it happened.

      The main reason that Weiner refuses to call for the FBI to investigate & identify the fictional “hacker” is because he knows there isn’t one, and it would be proven quickly.

      The House Ethics committee should look into this though, because to have a sitting (& married) Congressman sending out lewd pictures of himself to hot young coeds and then lying about it publically would violate the standards of conduct expected of a member of the U.S. Congress….just ask Chris Lee, the former Congressman from the 26th District of New York who was forced out after a few shirtless photos he had taken of himself and sent to someone were put on the Internet.

      The biggest differerence between these two very similar situations is the Party of the offender, and the subsequent outcry (or lack thereof) because if Rep. Weiner were a Republican, he would likely have already been forced out of office.

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