Weiner Refuses to Quit, Despite Lies, Online Sex

Weiner Refuses to Quit, Despite Lies, Online Sex.

Well, he finally caved in and said it!  Ann Coulter was correct.  She smelled a rat, and helped get it exposed.


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6 Responses to Weiner Refuses to Quit, Despite Lies, Online Sex

  1. Hacksaw says:

    At least his humiliated wife didn’t stand next to him in a show of support during his “I have sinned” press conference, as many wronged political wives have done in the past…

  2. myfoxmystere says:

    You’re right on the money Hacksaw! She did the smart thing.

  3. hybridtalk1 says:

    Wiener must want to run for President. This sex scandal is just the resume enhancement he needs for his party to choose him in the future.

    Quit? Ha, Democrats don’t quit in the face of behavior like this. People expect it from them. They are without morals…

    Maybe next he can perform abortions on a couple of babies and claim he is smarter than Sarah Palin.

  4. therealgirlscout says:

    Well, hybrid, here we go again. “Democrats are without morals”?? Not true for all of us. And there have been many Republicans who have shown loose morals in recent history. But you don’t hear me saying that all Republicans are bad….

  5. Hacksaw says:

    He’s going to resign eventually, he just doesn’t know it yet! 8)

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