Former DNC Chair Kaine Says Weiner Should Resign

Former DNC Chair Kaine Says Weiner Should Resign.

For once, I agree with a Democrat!  The Timster has the guts to give “Weinie” a “Kaineing!”   Now will Kaine ever be the Minority Speaker of the House?


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One Response to Former DNC Chair Kaine Says Weiner Should Resign

  1. Hacksaw says:

    As more women come forward and more illicit details are released to the media and this whole situation continues to become a bigger embarrassment to Democrats in general, more & more of them will be calling for him to step down.

    The big question is, which of them will be able to deliver the final “coup de grace”? The President will likely avoid taking a position on this at all, (note his numerous noncommittal “present” votes)and besides him, which Democrat really has the gravitas to force Weiner out if he really doesn’t want to go?

    Former President Bill Clinton is in no position to demand Weiner’s resignation, considering his own impeachment but survival of a sex scandal.

    Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi could pull him aside and explain that as the House Ethics Committee conducts their investigation, this will get real ugly for him but in reality, how much worse could this actually get for the Congressman, in a public relations standpoint? There are pictures of his genitalia on the World Wide Web, and explicit, sexual “word for word” text messages that he sent to various women out there for all to see, to top it off his wife is currently overseas, pregnant, and currently most sympathized wife in America and besides, Pelosi has kind of a weak track record in dealing with Democrat House members who misbehave, especially after her having protected Charlie Rangel as much as she could, never asking him to step down although he helped write our tax laws but didn’t pay his own. Weiner could also reference how Nancy never called for Barney Frank’s head even after his lover was caught running a prostitution ring from the Congressman’s apartment, and after Frank recently admitted that he had gotten another boyfriend a job at Fannie Mae. She’s not really in a position to lean on Weiner to resign, considering her tolerance of other Democrats during their own various scandals.

    The longer Representative Weiner holds on, the more embarrassing it becomes, much like with Muammar Gaddafi as he hangs on, despite our President’s constant demands that he step down and Obama’s promise that U.S. military involvement in Libya would be “days, not weeks” but we are now in our 3rd month in the conflict, with no end currently in sight.

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