Are you for the British king or the American founders?

 This next presidential election will be a defining moment for America and her citizens especially after the 2008 election where a large percent of Americans were fooled into voting for “Hope and Change” and what they thought that meant. Candidate Obama and the Lame stream media would not be honest with the American voters and tell them what Obama really meant by “fundamental change”. The information was out there, starting with the religious leader he valued for twenty years, Jeremiah Wright but the media refused to report it. Probably because the media has the same values as Wright.

Americans tired of the same old selections from Column-Clinton or Column-Bush chose to go where no voter had gone before in their life time, and cast a vote for the guy they didn’t know anything about. Except for those who voted for Senator McCain in hopes that he would win and then soon be replaced by VP Sarah Palin, voters didn’t see much of a choice.

Two and a half years later and those 2008 voters know exactly who President Obama is and what he represents. He is for a bigger government at the cost of the private sector and taxpayers who don’t work for the government. He is for extreme regulations of every aspect of the citizen’s life and that includes the car we buy to the health care we get.

In a way it is the American Revolution all over again. There is the king’s party or the Obama Party that wants to tax every area of your life to pay for his intrusive and behemoth government program. He is for huge deficits and unfunded government programs. He believes that public servants are actually the Masters of the masses and have rights and privileges not attainable by the non-elite. He is for stimulating government unions so that the money from unions will continue to flow to Democrat Party war chests while the private sector is left to wither on the vine of capitalism. He believes profits are immoral and hard work is good so long as you share your rewards with those not inclined to work. He believes that there are laws for elites and laws for the masses. President Obama also believes that he can tell the American people one thing one day and the total opposite a week later and not suffer because American’s are so stupid. The Obama Party is like the party of the King of England from back in the days of the American Revolution. Rights of the citizen come from the king, not God. They believe in equal outcomes for everyone but the elite and that outcome is the lowest common denominator. They want higher oil prices to get you into your solar powered car. Etc.

Then there is the Freedom-Party. They are not actually Republicans because in the last two years or so, many of them have revealed that they actually are members of the Obama Party. We call them RINOs, or Republicans In Name Only. Senator McCain was one of those and American people don’t really care for that type of candidate. The opposition party to President Obama is for States rights, and small government. They are for growing the private sector and balanced budgets. They are for responsible spending and private ownership of businesses. The Freedom-party is opposed to Government run health care, especially in a day when we don’t have money to pay our current federal bills. They believe rights come from God and not from government. They believe profits are the reward for hard work and taking risks. They believe that in America everyone has the freedom to succeed or fail to the best of their efforts and not be punished for when they are successful. They believe in the American spirit and American exceptionalism. They believe that Socialism and Marxism has been tried hundreds of times and has failed every time it has be tried with the end result of leaving the people under its control worse off than they were before.

When it comes down to it, Americans will decide if America becomes a slave nation to the government or if they break the shackles of tyranny from the Federal government that was never intended to be so powerful.

If you like 9% unemployment and higher taxes and government regulating your life, vote for the Obama party. If you want $6 a gallon gas, vote for the Obama party. If you want to pay more for your utilities then vote for the Obama Party.

The next presidential election will come down to two paths. One path is for higher gas prices, government owned businesses, closing more oil drilling rigs and coal based electric plants (leading to higher energy costs). Higher unemployment (Bush was at 5% then Obama took it to 11%) Government imposed health care at a very high cost but limited access and mercury filled lights forced in every home. The driving of the American economy over the debt cliff.

The other choice should be lower unemployment, fewer restrictions on businesses, smaller government, roll back of Obama care, reopening of offshore oil rigs and freeing coal based electric plants to reduce the cost of energy. Freedom to buy the light bulb of your choosing, freedom to eat food with salt or fat. Less spending and hopefully the recovery of the American economy.

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2 Responses to Are you for the British king or the American founders?

  1. therealgirlscout says:

    Off topic……….Hope all you great Dads have a wonderful Father’s Day!!!

  2. hybridtalk1 says:

    Thanks GS, because of family schedules we sort of had the stone setting for my mother in law and as a sidenote, Father’s day on Sunday. My kids did give me the royal treatment at home, before the cemetary…and stone setting. So it was a good day, in spite of the memory of a lost family member.

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