NO to the RINO

So we have some great GOP presidential candidates to choose from, but the RINOs won’t be happy with any of them. Former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin tops my list as our best hope forAmerica. She is genuine, honest, loves our country as it was founded is about as much a non-beltway candidate as we could find. That makes the RINOs nervous.


Then there is Herman Cain, the former chairman and CEO of Godfathers Pizza. He is a success story from the field, and unlike the Obama administration’s Harvard faculty lounge buddies who never had read jobs or balanced a real budget, Cain knows how to make our system of Capitalism work. Herman Cain isn’t looking to “fundamentally change”Americalike the current Administration, he wants to get it back on the track that madeAmericagreat. That means shrinking the power of government and increasing the power of the people. RINOs sure won’t go for that.


Congresswoman Michelle Backmann would also be a great choice because of her ability to see the problem, define it in clear terms, and provide some solutions. I love her passion and she too can communicate Conservative ideas without the need of a teleprompter.


Even Texas Gov. Rick Perry would be a better choice over any of the otherRINOcandidates.


The latestRINOcandidate is Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman [yawn]. Like the other RINOs, he wants to be friends with the party that seeks to “fundamentally change” (destroy)America. Aww, isn’t that sweet, he wants to be friends with the architects of 9.x% unemployment. Those great people who shutting down offshore drilling (more lost jobs). He wants to be friends with the people responsible for forcing Obama Care on the American people; the same people who legislated mercury filled light bulbs are in every home.


Maybe we could get Senator McCain to run and his VP? Wouldn’t that be an exciting ticket?


Count me out of theRINOrace. I want a real American Conservative as our next President. We need someone who will make hard decisions (not like today, “Gold 18 or 36 holes”). Someone who loves our country not a representative of our enemies. We need someone willing to look at the “Arab Spring” and not feel a family connection to the movement, but sees it as a threat to freedom everywhere as the enemies ofAmericaandIsraeljoin forces to eliminate our people and our way of life.


Give me a Conservative President, or deliverAmericato our enemy. The enemy is already in the house, we need a clean sweep and get back on track.

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3 Responses to NO to the RINO

  1. Hacksaw says:

    The GOP ticket that I’d really like to see is Texas Governor Rick Perry, with Florida Senator Marco Rubio as his running mate – no combination of candidates that the Democrats could ever dream of would beat that ticket!

    The simple truth is though, that with the economy the way it currently is, and likely still will be come Election Day, it may not even matter who the Republican nominee & their running mate are, barring the existence of a strong 3rd Party candidate, they will stand a better than average chance of gettiing elected & making Barack Hussein Obama a pitiful 1-term President, ala Jimmy Carter but it will be quite the debate as to exactly who was the worse President between the two…

  2. hybridtalk1 says:

    They could run on “Hope and Change” like the Liberals did last election. Who wouldn’t want that!

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