Some light reading.

While on vacation the last two weeks I had some time to finish a couple of books. Two of them I will highly recommend if you are interested in how American got to the place we find ourselves, and the other is recommended if you wanted the map left by our founders and how to get back on course to a free America and not a socialist America.

The first is titled “Liberal Facisism” by Jonah Goldberg.

He begins at the French Revolution and then goes to Italian fascism and then to America where many “Progressives of that day” were seeking to bring fascism to America.

Goldberg does a fantastic job defining the term “fascism”. Many of us think of Hitler and the murder of Jews, but the Italians were Fascists under Mussolini and they loved and welcomed the Jews into the party. In the end, Fascism is defined as a religion of politics where the government is god, and there is no other religion. Rights are given and taken back by government.

Very interesting read and if you have wondered why our culture has adopted certain anti-American practices, the book will open your eyes to their origin. It is really quite frightening to see the thread of liberal fascism running through our history but it opens your eyes as to how we ended up at this place and this time.

The other book is by Glenn Beck and it is called “The Original-Argument” and while Beck’s name is on the book it was really written by Joshua Charles (JC). It is an updated version of The Federalist Papers, a book all Americans should know (but most don’t).

JC began the process of translating the Federalist papers on his own while at Princeton and soon it became a passion. The story of how he got in touch with Beck is one for the ages and brings great hope that there are Americans out there with that American spirit. Honestly, if all this book had was JC’s introduction, it would have been a great read.

So JC presented his updated version of the Federalist papers then Beck had his people do their “editor” things on it to make it into an interesting readable format. I loved it.

The language has been updated so even I can understand what the founders had in mind for their constitutional vision of a self-governing nation where government was small, and the states and the people had the real power.

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6 Responses to Some light reading.

  1. Just my personal opinion, but I wouldn’t waste what precious time I have left reading a book by that crazy man!

  2. hybridtalk1 says:

    GS – “Just my personal opinion, but I wouldn’t waste what precious time I have left reading a book by that crazy man!”

    What crazy man is that?

  3. hybridtalk1 says:

    Glenn Beck?

    Maybe there is a misunderstanding then. I wrote that while Glenn Beck’s name was on the book, he didn’t really write it, he is just using his good name to promote the concept of making the writings of our Founders more clear and understandable for today’s language challenged Americans. It was Joshua Charles who did most of the translating, but the actual authors were James Madison, John Jay and Alexander Hamilton and not Glenn Beck.

    So to me, that sounds like a timely and wonderful idea; helping American’s understand the original intent of the Founders. Some people think they wanted a big government that would tax the rich and give it to the poor. They didn’t. Some think that the Constitution guaranteed free health care, free housing, and free abortions. Those people would benefit from reading the Federalist Papers, but most of those people are also language challenged. So this book would be a huge asset for them. (IMHO)

    But I do wonder what makes you think Glenn Beck is Crazy? His belief in America as the Founders intended? His dislike for all the lies President Obama tells Americans? His call for reduced government spending? His stand with Israel? His call for honor in America again?

  4. Sorry, I misunderstood.
    And I’m not getting into an argument with you about Glen Beck. The man’s beliefs may be honorable, but he’s still a whack job.

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