Wish they were still with us today.


What happened to Casey Jones and Polar Czar, the lovers and promoters of Liberalism and Obamaism? They were really on to bash Bush, and then tell us how Obama was going to save us from all the BUSH failures.


I wish they were still on so they could tell us how things have improved under Obama. Unemployment.

Four wars

Trillions in debt

Amature golf game.


Where are they today? They thought things were bad under BUSH, they must be loving the drive to destruction under Obama we are all experiencing today. I bet they would even VOTE for OBama again in 2012…

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7 Responses to Wish they were still with us today.

  1. myfoxmystere says:

    Casey was in his 70s, so he might be gone. Brandon (Polar Bear) might be busy with other things, for he hasn’t written anything here in a while.

  2. LOL! I never knew polar bear’s name was Brandon! How did you did you find that out?!
    And hybrid only wishes they were still with us so he can spread his sarcasm around to more people!

  3. Hacksaw says:

    I wish they (& Gorbash) still posted here as well – as much as they all railed against President Bush for sending our troops into Iraq and called him names because although he served in the Texas Air National Guard, his squadron never actually deployed to Vietnam, I’d just love to hear any of them try to justify President Obama committing our forces to an unecessary military involvement in Libya, with nothing at all for America to gain, while he has never chosen to wear a military uniform himself.

    Actually, even if Barry had spent an entire career in military service & fought in 3 different combat zones, this idiotic “kinetic military action” with us spending our valuable military resources but refusing any sort of leadership role would still be a real dumb idea!

  4. dprin339 says:

    hi all!……casey’s still around, i get emails from him periodically. but gosh! where the heck is GORBASH and POLARBABY??? (i thought his name was nick btw)

  5. Gorbash has never been on clevelandfoxers. Polarbear used to be here, but has left the building.

  6. myfoxmystere says:

    Polarbear got a hold of me on my blogspot blog; he has a gmail account which displayed his first name as Brandon.

  7. myfoxmystere says:

    Just a heads up, if some guy named Irl Hudnutt drags his carcass onto this blog, if you can delete his comments, by all means do so! This guy is a nasty troll I’ve unfortunately come across. If Polarbear were to deal with him, he’d ban him as well. Even RickyW was a saint compared to this scumbag troll. Hudnutt is from Detroit Michigan, and a punkass! Those who didn’t like Gorbash or MommieGrandma would rather blog with them over Irl Hudnutt. If Hudnutt comes here and hurls his insults at any of you, I will delete his comments as well.

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