President Obama is optimistic

Today, President Obama told the press that two things are giving him reason to be optimistic about his reelection in November 2012. The first was a report from the CBS news room where they found 88% of those responding to the poll in the building were planning to reelect President Obama over a “generic Republican” candidate. The president said, “You’ve got to admit, those are pretty good numbers.”

Secondly, President Obama said he believed that the American people would reelect him because they knew he had tried with all his might to get us to where we are today by implemented every Harvard faculty lounge economic theory to promote a Marxist vision in our country. While the result was making a shambles of the nation he took over, the people would know he meant well, and they would give him another four years to finish the job. (at least the dumb ones.)

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One Response to President Obama is optimistic

  1. Hacksaw says:

    Texas Governor Rick Perry hasn’t even declared, and he’s still polling 2nd or 3rd of all GOP contenders in every poll. Perry could run on his impressive record as our Nation’s longest serving current Governor, and his State’s stellar job statistics even in this disasterous Obama economy. He’s very conservative & Mitt Romney is not, the field will thin out alot after the first few primaries & caucuses, and I think Perry wins the nomination if & when he officially jumps in.

    Then all he has to do is select Florida Senator Marco Rubio as his running mate (actually, whoever wins the GOP nomination will probably do that, due to his nationwide appeal to Hispanics because of his Cuban heritage, his appeal with fellow conservatives due to his inspiring life story & appreciation of his parents’ escape from a communist dictatorship to provide a better life for their children, and the fact that he would virtually guarantee that Florida’s precious 29 electoral college votes go Republican) but a Perry / Rubio ticket would probably win in a landslide! 8)

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