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President Obama conducted a Presser on Jobs.

  President Obama conducted a Press Meeting today to provide details to his latest Jobs Program.   President Obama (PO): “Thank you, yes, (laughing) ok, tomorrow. Our nation finds itself under a dark cloud of unemployment these days, and to … Continue reading

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Muammar & Condi, Sitting In A Tree…

 In his dreams, that is! The Libyan madman apparently has quite a thing for our fetching former Secretary of State, although I can’t really say I blame him there….. Qaddafi’s Crush? Condoleezza Rice   Could a lovestruck dictator be the reason … Continue reading

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Political Science for Dummies

Political Science for Dummies: DEMOCRAT You have two cows. Your neighbor has none. You feel guilty for being successful. You push for higher taxes so the government can provide cows for everyone.   REPUBLICAN You have two cows. Your neighbor … Continue reading

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What’s Shaking Guys?

What’s shaking everyone?  I thought I would check in with you, since earthquakes are not as common back east.  How many of you in Cleveland felt the 5.8 quake?  As a west coast quake veteran, 5.8 shakers don’t phase me … Continue reading

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Maxine Waters’ “Pimp” Got Her PI$$ED!

Oh poor Barry-0!  He got Maxine Waters p/o’d at him, because he refuses to bring his campaigning – uh – bus tour to her black gang infested ghetto Inglewood California.  Mad Maxi has gone on her typical vile racist anti … Continue reading

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Newsweek Magazine may have gone to far when it ran a cover of Rep. Barney Frank with the title, “Queen of Rage”.

No it didn’t…

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Out with Barry, In with Perry!

I truly believe that the next President of these United States has just officially entered the race. He’s far more conservative than Mitt Romney, and has a much more impressive history as a Governor than Romney had. He can go mano-a-mano … Continue reading

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