Obama’s plan to win the election.

Obama’s plan to win the election.

President Obama has accumulated about $65 billion dollars in his reelection treasure chest. Some believe this will be used to promote his record and get him elected. But since his record as our leader consists of one failure after another with the economy, he won’t be able to run on those “successes”.

Instead I believe that his team seeks to use the money to win elections by paying for “Tea Party” candidates they pick and run from the Oval Office. This way they can try to draw away some of the voters and split the vote while the 30% of Liberal voters can provide a slight edge of victory as the Republican, Independent and Tea Party voters are divided.

That strategy will take a lot of money, and the President has it. Also, in some races I think we can expect the President and his party to use the campaign coffers to pay for false ads tying some viable candidates running against the President and his team to “Tea Party extremists” and “Tea Party Terrorists”.

They have already begun that campaign, and I expect it to get worse as the 2012 election draws nearer.

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