Hot Weather In Southern California?


“I wish They all could be CALIFORNIA GURLZ!”  Okay, several people noticed sports anchor and recently converted weather anchor Liz Habib’s wardrobe during her weathercast on KTTV Fox 11 In Los Angeles Friday August 5 2011.  I’m going to let the picture speak for itself…yes, I took the pic while watching the 10 PM News.  Another twitter guy noticed and tweeted something about this.  Here’s the pic, and maybe this will get Polar Bear out of the den!  Hee hee!


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You can also find me on mystere's moonbat slayer club; I had to go as myfoxmystere since mystere was taken already! I'm on several Fox TV Blog sites as mystere.
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2 Responses to Hot Weather In Southern California?

  1. Effectively said & with wonderful timing

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